Iowa family featured on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in January 2012

KOHLER, Wis., January 3, 2012 — Kohler Engines, a manufacturer and marketer of world class gas and diesel engines for lawn and garden, commercial, construction and agriculture markets since 1920, donated three engines and a lawn tractor powered by a KOHLER engine to the Gibbs family of West Union, Iowa. The family of six including Audrey who is legally blind, is the focal point of one of the last episodes of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition airing this Friday, January 6, 2012, at 8 p.m. EST/PST before the series finale.

"Kohler Co. has a long history of supporting the good works of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," said Justin Blount, director of marketing for Kohler Engines. "It is only fitting that Kohler Engines was able to aid the Gibbs family, whose children are also quite interested in engines and how they work."

The three oldest sons – Josh, Nathan, and Thomas – are all engine enthusiasts. Kohler Engines donated a KOHLER Courage XT, KOHLER Command PRO Single Cylinder, and KOHLER Courage V-Twin engines for the boys to "tinker" with at their leisure. The family also received a Craftsman 54" Garden Tractor powered by a 26 horse power KOHLER Command PRO engine to mow their more than two acres of land.

About the Gibbs Family

Audrey Gibbs is a mother, a widow, a farm owner and a maternal optimist. Audrey won't let anything stop her from raising her six children, not even her blindness and her battle with a potentially fatal disease.

Seven months after her husband died, Audrey had a brain aneurism that affected a quarter of her brain – leaving her legally blind. The doctors cannot say if she is going to lose her sight completely or even if she is going to live or die. Audrey has always been pragmatic and has no time for self-pity. She is passionately committed to do whatever it takes to raise her kids. Realizing she could not continue working as a cosmetologist, Audrey decided to attend massage therapy classes as she knew it was a career she could still practice after losing her sight. The Gibbs family own and live on a farm which they rent portions of to local farmers for additional income. Their farmhouse needed significant repair with no working toilet, a ceiling that is caving in, and a layout that does not work for the family – especially Audrey if she completely loses her eyesight.

About the Donated Products

KOHLER Courage XT 6.75 horsepower

  • Brand new 2012 model year engine for Kohler
  • Typically found on walk behind mowers
  • Features Easy PullTM Technology for "a smooth, effortless starting experience"
  • Comes with Kohler's Accu-Fill gas tank to limit gas spills

KOHLER Command PRO Single - 7 horsepower

  • Typically found on tillers, pressure washers, compressors, and generators
  • 4-cycle, slant cylinder design
  • 9.2 Peak torque at maximum pound feet (12.4 Newton meters)

KOHLER Courage V-Twin 23 horsepower

  • Typically found in riding lawn tractors
  • Fueled by gasoline, this 4-cycle engine is built with an aluminum head and crankcase with cast iron cylinder liner
  • Features 44 cubic inch displacement or 725cc
  • Meets the high demands of even the biggest back yard with quick and reliable starting in all conditions

Tractor – Craftsman 54" Garden Tractor with a 26hp V-Twin Kohler engine

  • Features a KOHLER 26-horsepower Courage PRO V-Twin Engine
    • Professional grade engine with easy access to check and fill the oil
    • 4-cycle , overhead valve design engine
      o Has a heavy-duty 54" mower deck with 3 cutting blades o Cut grass up to 7.5 MPH with the 6-speed transmission