Here's a list of Rural Lifestyle Dealer's coverage of the 2011 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Ill.

A total of 7 editors from No-Till Farmer, Farm Equipment and Rural Lifestyle Dealer were at the show to bring you the latest in equipment trends and developments.

Watch for more information in the upcoming editions of Rural Lifestyle Dealer, and click here to watch videos of some of the new products introduced.

— The Editors (@RLDeditors)

#FPS11 Only took 7 FPS to find perfect, pain-free bag: wife's old diaper bag. Bottle holder perfect 4 cellphone
Sep 01, 8:36am via HootSuite Nice long line for ice cream at #FPS11, made using old hit-and-miss engines. Too long, unfortunately.
Aug 31, 5:36pm via HootSuite Wondering how to use QR codes? They were every where at #FPS11
Aug 31, 5:33pm via HootSuite Dairy, hay and beef operations key markets for ag telehandlers, such as this one from New Holland. #FPS11
Aug 31, 5:31pm via HootSuite
Annual ryegrass cover crop picks up steam. Wayne Kizer KB Seeds #fps11 says farmers report they look better in droughty areas.
Aug 31, 3:43pm via HootSuite
Ed Ummach NutraFlo #fps11 early orders liquid fert strong; farmers moving to starter, pop-up with phosphate shortages.
Aug 31, 3:21pm via HootSuite
Glenn Howell Calcium Products #fps11 SuperCal S04 at 300-400# supplies calcium needs of 1-1.5 tons of coal-plant scrubbed gypsum.
Aug 31, 2:36pm via HootSuite
Monsanto #fps11 Use insecticide with YieldGard in heavy pressure CRW areas, spray foliars w/ fungicide if beetles swarming.
Aug 31, 2:02pm via HootSuite
Charlie Foresman Monsanto #fps11 CRW resistant site swarming, extreme beetle hot spot, cont corn. SmartStax looked fine.
Aug 31, 1:59pm via HootSuite
Blade energy #fps11 Switchgrass in northern areas likely to make 3-4x more biomass than stover, good for low-production land
Aug 31, 1:11pm via HootSuite
AcreMax Refuge in Bag from Pioneer #fps11 got approval this week for both above and belowground events.
Aug 31, 12:44pm via HootSuite
Phil McCutchan AgriGold #fps11 95% of seed corn irrigated across 9 states and Ontario; tight but adequate supplies expected.
Aug 31, 12:11pm via HootSuite
Equine sessions underway at #FPS11 in Decatur, IL
Aug 31, 11:56am via HootSuite
Genetic diversity helping Syngenta Seeds traited products win yield plots they haven't won before, says Pat Steiner #fps11
Aug 31, 11:39am via HootSuite
Pat Steiner Syngenta #fps11 Force insecticide sales growing; 10 bu advantage where Force applied with RW traits in high RW pressure areas.
Aug 31, 11:36am via HootSuite
Case IH expands w/ redesigned Farmall B series compact tractors & attachments at #FPS11
Aug 31, 11:23am via HootSuite
With fertilizer prices up, SureFire Ag Systems sees good early order sales in setups for variable rate apps. #fps11
Aug 31, 11:07am via HootSuite New hydraulic hopper movers from Cardinal by Novae Corp #fps11 Flat free tires for traction on uneven ground.
Aug 31, 11:06am via HootSuite
Dan Froelich Mosaic #fps11 foliar apps with boron beneficial in corn in dry conditions; sees high test weights, poor yields.
Aug 31, 10:51am via HootSuite
Fred Below NNTC 2010 speaker talks 7 Corn Wonders, 300-bu corn factors at Agrotain, Mosiac tent #fps11.
Aug 31, 10:27am via HootSuite
Tim Greene #fps11 Burrus says 75% hybrids in Herculex, 15% Agrisure, so YieldGard RW resistance not big issue for them. Seed supply tight.
Aug 31, 10:10am via HootSuite
Watched Retriever transport hitch video Bestway. Featured dealer, Hiawatha Implement, has nicest facility in U.S., says Dave Benson #FPS11
Aug 31, 10:09am via HootSuite Delta flexible harrows run deep #fps11
Aug 31, 9:56am via HootSuite
Several new tires on Titan's spot, says customer education on proper tire inflation, application still important.
Aug 31, 9:48am via HootSuite Hunters a growing market for UTVs such as Kubota's RTV #FPS11
Aug 31, 9:46am via HootSuite
Schulte Cyclone Deck Debris Fan Kit keeps all debris off deck, fits 4 models #FPS11
Aug 31, 9:35am via HootSuite
Dave Koehn of Stine Seeds #fps11 says VT Triple Pro hybrids still the rock stars in portfolio; waiting for SmartStax genetics to improve
Aug 31, 9:30am via HootSuite
With fertilizer prices up, SureFire Ag Systems sees good early order sales in setups for variable rate apps. #fps11
Aug 31, 9:13am via HootSuite
Dow's Damon Palmer says Duo herbicide w/ glyphosate, new 2,4-D to control weeds post in Enlist system. #fps11
Aug 31, 8:50am via Tweet Button
John Deere Gator utility vehicles seeing lots of interest at #FPS11
Aug 31, 8:54am via HootSuite Joey Sims of LS Tractor says sales are up 25% over 2010 but still looking for quality dealers #fps11
Aug 31, 8:49am via HootSuite probably the most unique product I've seen at #fps11 the Green Solar buggy
Aug 31, 8:27am via HootSuite
After much exercise at #FPS11 & too much BBQ at staff dinner, great night sleep. Revved up to do it again. Follow us as we work the show
Aug 31, 8:18am via HootSuite
RT @FEeditors: May Wes Quick Disconnect Stalk Stomper #fps11
Aug 31, 4:49am via HootSuite
RT @FEeditors: May Wes Stalk Stompers for tractors #fps11
Aug 31, 4:49am via HootSuite
RT @FEeditors: Valley 160 pivot to get around those pesky barns and other obstacles #fps11
Aug 31, 4:48am via HootSuite
RT @FEeditors: Tobias, Marlene, and Darrin Drollinger #fps11
Aug 31, 4:47am via HootSuite
RT @FEeditors: Strobel Mfg BT 300 #fps11
Aug 31, 4:46am via HootSuite
RT @FEeditors: Strobel new force eject scraper #fps11
Aug 31, 4:46am via HootSuite
RT @FEeditors: Harvestec 5000 Series #fps11
Aug 31, 4:45am via HootSuite
RT @FEeditors: Mac Don FD70 Flexdraper #fps11
Aug 31, 4:42am via HootSuite
AGCO Sunflower vertical tillage implement sales strong due to Razor disc blades, strip-till unit sales solid, per Tom Draper at #fps11
Aug 30, 8:34pm via HootSuite Charles City Iowa plant on schedule, first tires by end of year. New tires will wear Mitas brand. #fps11
Aug 30, 5:16pm via HootSuite brand new vt plus spans 49' see it @FPS
Aug 30, 5:10pm via HootSuite Got to ride a stand-on mower for the 1st time at #fps11 Thanks @Scag Quite easy to operate and comfortable
Aug 30, 4:00pm via HootSuite experience precision with Outback Guidance @fps11
Aug 30, 3:58pm via HootSuite Grain Guard and retro rocket drying systems by Ag Growth @fps11
Aug 30, 3:35pm via HootSuite new Westfield W130 truckAugers @fps11
Aug 30, 3:33pm via HootSuite
Jason Faulkner says Degelman's PileDriver variable width forage blade is big with #fps11 visitors
Aug 30, 3:32pm via HootSuite
Doug Perry #fps11 says Great Lakes Hybrids in good shape with corn seed. Yield is down, but they overproduced to make up for shortfall.
<Aug 30, 3:27pm via HootSuite Exmark's ultra cut 72" deck on the LazerZ, complete with new seat design for greater user comfort. #fps11
Aug 30, 3:00pm via HootSuite Arnie w AEM managing international distribution @fps11
Aug 30, 3:00pm via HootSuite Kinze new DualAuger w pivotAuger @fps11
Aug 30, 2:57pm via HootSuite AGCO's display puts Gleaner combine on a side slope at #fps11
Aug 30, 2:57pm via HootSuite
Hollis Oelmann of NuTech #fps11 also says move to SmartStax with Herculex will protect YieldGard from rootworm resistance.
Aug 30, 2:56pm via HootSuite Kinze Hydraulic Weight System fights compaction in no till
Aug 30, 2:56pm via HootSuite
YieldGard RW resistance may cover more acres, but likely not big deal with SmartStax coming, says Bob Jackson, Wyffels agronomist. #fps11
Aug 30, 2:39pm via HootSuite Krause Gladiator running demos at @fps11
Aug 30, 2:24pm via HootSuite
Glenn Danuser demos Danuser's new WobbleAuger #FPS11
Aug 30, 1:43pm via HootSuite Mac Don R85 Rotary Disc @fps11
Aug 30, 1:00pm via HootSuite Mac Don FD70 Flexdraper @fps11
Aug 30, 12:56pm via HootSuite Kuhn Knight revolutionary Accuspread @fps11
Aug 30, 12:34pm via HootSuite
Keith Vodracka #fps11 of Bayer shows off treatment system for On Demand seed treatment system on soybeans.
Aug 30, 12:22pm via HootSuite
Alliance Tire's James Tuschner says its 390 all steel, DOT compliant agri-transport flotation tire is huge draw #fps11
Aug 30, 12:13pm via HootSuite
James Blome, Bayer CEO, announces Poncho/Votivo seed treatment for beans, cotton in 2012 at #ftp11.
Aug 30, 12:07pm via HootSuite
Dirk Gaebe shows Haybuster's 2564 dual-discharge Balebuster at #FPS11
Aug 30, 12:02pm via HootSuite Orthman's loader project is well under way, plan is for production prototypes early next year. #fps11
Aug 30, 11:56am via HootSuite
Bush Hog's #FPS11 exhibit showed large equipment, such as 12715 Legend flexwing mowers
Aug 30, 11:51am via HootSuite Gehl's new RT175 & 210 track loaders equipped with sensitivity controls for novice to experienced. #fps11
Aug 30, 11:38am via HootSuite Strobel new force eject scraper @fps11
Aug 30, 11:34am via HootSuite Strobel Mfg BT 300 @fps11
Aug 30, 11:33am via HootSuite
Amvac SmartBox sales up in NW Iowa due to increased rootworm feeding, per Paul Vaculin. Insecticide sales up as well. #fps11
Aug 30, 11:19am via HootSuite Defender 2+ from Azland inc. 2 box seed caddy with optional fuel caddy and abilty took transport utv. #fps11
Aug 30, 10:59am via HootSuite 252 Miller welder @fps11
Aug 30, 10:38am via HootSuite
Hardi seeing more growers owning both self-propelled and pull-type sprayers for varying conditions. #fps11
Aug 30, 10:32am via HootSuite May Wes Stalk Stompers for tractors @fps11
Aug 30, 9:58am via HootSuite May Wes Quick Disconnect Stalk Stomper @fps11
Aug 30, 9:58am via HootSuite
@DixieChopperMow Just had a nice visit with Shane. Booth looks great.
RLDeditors Aug 30, 9:48am via Twitter for Android
Monosem #fps11 seeing more growth in twin-row corn, may expand production in MI.
Aug 30, 9:48am via HootSuite Dixie Chopper's Dominator has been rebranded as the Xcaliber 4x4 Different name, same power.
Aug 30, 9:44am via HootSuite
Sunco #fps11 new floating trash disc pulls through field to avoid gouging. Fits Deere, Kinze, Case planters.
Aug 30, 9:37am via HootSuite****0 While Camoplast sells primarily to OEMs they are looking for dealers for something of mid level track systems #fps11
Aug 30, 9:30am via HootSuite DeKalb unveils custom bike for 100th anniversary
Aug 30, 9:12am via HootSuite
Mahindra's new 5010 comes in gear or hydrostat & fits both small acreage & prod farmer utility needs #fps11
Aug 30, 9:08am via HootSuite
Yetter Magnum fert opener gets new cast-iron knife; more durable, easy to replace beaver tail. #fps11
Aug 30, 9:01am via HootSuite Hoelscher's HedgeHog can pull small trees & brush by roots. #fps11
Aug 30, 8:58am via HootSuite
Yetter rolls out 30' toolbar at #fps11 due to high Maverick strip-till and high-speed anhydrous app demand.
Aug 30, 8:57am via HootSuite First time #fps11 exhibitor Elmer's 1600 grain cart has the largest tracks on mkt.
Aug 30, 8:38am via HootSuite
J&M showing new 'Leaner' grain cart for big combine headers.
Aug 30, 8:37am via HootSuite Mikey from Orange County Choppers makes an appearance near Hardi tent ... #FPS11
Aug 30, 8:35am via HootSuite
Deere 4940 at #fps11 has 11 sections on 120' boom. Redesigned tank, better weight distribution.
Aug 30, 8:19am via HootSuite
Schaffert's Gen 2 liquid fert disc at #fps11 ties closing wheels together for constant pressure in variable soils.
Aug 30, 8:00am via HootSuite
First stop of #fps11, DeKalb celebrating 100 years with media breakfast.
Aug 30, 7:33am via HootSuite Beer battered jalapeno bacon a big hit at the pre #fps11 meal.
Aug 29, 7:54pm via HootSuite
At Danada Equestrian Center in Wheaton, IL
Aug 29, 6:49pm via HootSuite
Notebooks, cameras, recorders, sunscreen & boots...7 Lessiter Pub reporters ready for #FPS11
Aug 29, 1:28pm via HootSuite