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The New fCrusher & fCrumbler from Martin-Till


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A couple of new closing wheel options that Martin-Till is introducing is our fCrusher & fCrumbler. The fCrusher with the tapered tooth design allows firming on one side and crumbling on the other. Long life ductile 9.5 lbs. cast iron wheel will run for years while the fCrumbler mulches and firms the seed trench without smearing or packing the seed trench. This cleat design prevents mud build up from wet conditions or fertilizer application that are common with a solid rubber wheel. Both come with the Martin Duty, PEER Seed Extreme 6 lip seal bearing. 


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The New fCrusher & fCrumbler from Martin-Till

elevate by DigiFarm


Booth: 7263


DigiFarm is proud to announce the release of our new proprietary modem, elevate. elevate has been designed to be mounted on top of your tractor cab with an in-cab version also available. In line with DigiFarm innovation, elevate is compatible with ALL receivers including the John Deere Star Fire series. Simply order your elevate modem with the appropriate cable for your receiver. That’s it. No special programming or setup needed. DigiFarm takes care of that! And to top that off, elevate is the lowest cost external modem on the market!


elevate, your RTK experience!


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elevate by DigiFarm

Ag Express® Electronics - Experience You Can Depend On

Booths: 6011-6013, 3025-3027


(515) 446-3400



The GAC 2700-AGRI Grain Moisture Analyzer uses the latest analysis technology (149 MHz) to provide repeatable results. This new model also features a new modern user interface and reliability improvements.


Stop by and find out what's new and get hands on demos at this years National Farm Machinery Show! We are located at Booth #6011-6013 & #3025-3027


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Ag Express_GAC-2700_AGRI

Meet The Harvest Hauler from the Brandt DXT Series


Booth: 8604


Introducing the all-new Brandt DXT Series dual-auger grain cart. It delivers rapid unload speeds, large carrying capacities, and unmatched durability for years to come.


Here’s a closer look.

  • More Productive. Unload up to 1,000 bushels per minute.
  • Less Maintenance. Greaseless composite bearings and a robotically welded steel frame deliver long-lasting component life.
  • Easy-To-Use Features. Ground-level tank access door, lower loading side height, and oversized front and back windows make the DXT incredibly easy to use.

With carrying capacity and auger options, you can customize your cart to fit every operation. 


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Meet The Harvest Hauler from the Brandt DXT Series

Corn Head Auger Trough Liners from Poly Tech Industries, Inc.


Booth: 8911, South Wing 


Phone: 800-542-7659


Working with worn or damaged implements can cost you time and money. Poly Tech corn head liners offer an easy-to-install way to get the most out of your equipment. Made from long lasting ¼” Poly LastTM

material they are designed to precisely fit your brand of equipment and improve performance row after row. Available for John Deere, Case IH,

New Holland, AGCO & Geringhoff.


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Corn Head Auger Trough Liner

Schulte Gladiator RWP – 1935


Booth: 3242


Clean up your fields efficiently with one pass, one operator, one tractor.

Rock raking and picking in one operation with proven Schulte technology.

  1. Easy, on-the-fly adjustable working widths of 16’ - 19’ (4.8m - 5.8m) for a variety of applications

  2. Adjustable working depths down to 4.25” (11cm) help dislodge partially exposed stones
  3. Strong, durable, proven hard surfaced teeth and batt reels ensure rocks from 2” to 27” are picked with ease
  4. Large, 3.5 cu yd (2.68 cu m) bucket with a dumping height of over 8 1/2’ (2.6m) for truck boxes or piles

  5. Separate hydraulic adjustment of windrower and reel speeds for custom windrowing and picking

  6. Spring loaded 450 BNH batts and 1 1/2” (3.8cm) spaced T-Iron grate ensure minimal rock jamming

  7. A tandem axle walking wheel system provides exceptional flotation and ground following


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The Revolution Ditcher™ by Crary® 


Booths: 6208, 6209


The Revolution Ditcher™ by Crary® is setting the standard for moving dirt to create or maintain waterways, ditches and terraces. Efficient water management of your field increases yields and profits. NEW for 2023 – Hydraulic cross auger to break up material for optimum performance. The 5-foot flat-bottom leaves a smooth finish, allowing equipment to pass through with ease. Throw dirt in either direction with adjustable dirt deflectors too. Check out the Revolution Ditcher and cut the time in half and create or maintain the perfect ditch, terrace, or waterway!


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Crary_Revolution Ditcher

AGuru Machinery Designed to Do Strip Till. Better.


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AGURU MACHINERY offers a family of strip-tillage equipment that includes both row units and toolbars-chassis. Three unique yield-till® Row Units for Low Draft, Heavy Duty and Super Duty applications with the convertible configurations of coulters, knives/shanks and the new knife-coulter combination. In addition, three unique big-little® mounted toolbars, from 4 to 24 rows, with rated designs that range from 400-600 HP. Finally, three unique big-little® drawn toolbar-chassis known as Row Crop, a 2-point hitch mount for 180 to 400 HP; Wide Fast, a drawbar for 350 to 600 HP; and High HP, a drawbar for 450 to 600 HP.


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Dual ISOmod from Micro-Trak

Mixmate by Praxidyn


Booth: 4724


Field efficiency of an average sprayer is only 25%.  It’s not how fast you drive, it's how long you stop!  Cut the idle time in half and get a 50% boost in efficiency for the average sprayer.  Sprayer technology has advanced greatly while efficiency has dropped due to complex spray mixes and higher volumes.  Lower your operating costs and boost productivity safely with Mixmate automated blending and recordkeeping systems.  Modular design for mobile mixing and stationary plants. One system does it.


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Mixmate by Praxidyn