Rural King
Located in a strip mall on the south side of Martinsville, Ind., this Rural King store puts an old Wal-Mart building to good use. Inside is everything the consumer could need or want, including bird food, jeans, park benches, pedal boats and tractors.
MF Shopping cart

A banner and a brand-new Massey Ferguson 2605 utility tractor helps announce to customers that this is one of eight Rural King stores included in the new pilot program with AGCO... does this compact 4WD GC2400 tractor. Unfortunately, because it's parked close to a covered side-entrance, the walkway has become a repository for cigarette butts and wind-blown debris.


Card table

The Martinsville Rural King store is packed with aisle after aisle of merchandise. When you enter, the Massey Ferguson kiosk is not readily apparent. You'll find it along the south wall near the pet food and portable water pumps.

The center of the display is an Internet-connected touch-screen (which is updated by AGCO) that walks customers through the selection process. The screen competes with this card table, which holds warranty information and bits of trash.

There's a Massey Ferguson zero-turn mower tucked back in the right corner, and hats, T-shirts and a few brochures on the shelf to the left. Massey Ferguson-branded lawn tractors, which helped kick off the Rural King relationship with AGCO last year, are on display with other small outdoor power equipment a few aisles away.

MF display

The Tractor Resource Center stands by to help Rural King customers make an educated decision — one that will have the cashier at the front of the store ringing up a $10,000 purchase, depending on the tractor.