Mahindra Tractors launched its future-ready range of tractors on Aug. 15 – the Mahindra OJA – at Mahindra Future Scape, an event held in Cape Town, South Africa.

Derived from the Sanskrit word “Ojas”, meaning Powerhouse of Energy, the OJA range of models is Mahindra’s most ambitious global tractor program. Developed through close collaboration between the engineering teams of Mahindra Research Valley, India, the R&D center for Mahindra AFS and Mitsubishi Mahindra Agriculture Machinery, Japan, it includes an all-new range of 4WD sub-compact, compact and utility tractors.

With 4WD standard, the OJA-platform tractor models will be available in four categories:

  • Sub-Compact:  20-26 engine horsepower  
  • Compact:  21-30 engine horsepower
  • Small Utility:  26-40 engine horsepower
  • Large Utility:  45-70 engine horsepower

Mahindra Ag North America (MAgNA) will begin distribution of the OJA platform sub-compact and compact tractor models in January 2024. This range will be available in open station and cab models with a full complement of attachments and implements.

MAgNA will assemble the OJA platform tractors at its distribution and assembly facilities in Houston, Texas, Auburn Hills, Mich., and Bloomsburg, Pa., along with the full Mahindra North America product line.

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