The AC Dealer Day 2011 was held on October 4, 5 and 7, 2011 in the beautiful surroundings of Villa Pacchierotti in Limena (in the countryside near Padua). Antonio Carraro concessionaries, importers and dealers came from all over the world to view the new AC developments for 2012. The company renewed its entire range over the last two years, unifying the family feeling and launching of a new series and new products to complete the traditional AC business units:

  • Dolce Vita: Tractors for hobby farming
  • Tractor People: Tractors for specialized agriculture
  • Groundcare: Tractors for civil maintenance

 Dolce Vita: Tigre 4000 and Tigre 4400F

 The Tigre “Family”

Tigre 4000 and Tigre 4400F are compact tractors designed for the semi-professional needs of farmers, greenhouse operators, nursery gardeners, ground care operators and evolved hobby farmers. The new design assures extensive operating visibility in all directions and operator comfort. They feature power-assisted steering, a ground clearance of 275 mm, direct injection, water-cooled engines, very low emissions and outstanding performance. The ACTIO™ full chassis with oscillation has equal weight distribution, a low centre of gravity, maximum adherence and minimum ground compacting. 

 Tigre 4000

This model was designed for management of parks, gardens, sports fields, municipal areas and small farms. The four driving wheels assure operating comfort and safety due to constant traction.  It also features PTO synchronized with all gear speeds and a power lift with a 3-point hitch and adjustable tie-rods with a capacity of 850 Kg. The 3-cylinder direct injection Yanmar diesel engine has 31hp.

 Tigre 4400F

This tractor has been designed for specialized farming, worksites, and ground care. It features PTO synchronized all gear speeds and independent engagement/disengagement. The 3-cylinder direct injection Yanmar diesel engine has 38hp.

 Tigre Family Features

  • 12 gears
  • 8 FW and 4 RV with a complete range of speeds in both directions
  • Rear mechanical brakes (integrated floating for T4400F) assure firm and modular braking
  • Independent (opt. on the T4000) and simultaneous braking
  • Front and rear differential lock
  • Maximum approved speed 30 Km/h 
  • 29 liter fuel tank 
  • Four year warranty extension package 

Tractor People: The New “S” Series

Ergit “S” Series

The Ergit “S” series is comprised of five tractor models designed to perform routine farm work. They assure constant traction and minimum ground compacting. The front drive can be disengaged at any time.  

 TX 7800 “S”

This single-direction tractor with ACTIO™ steering offers an exceptional turning radius. It is equipped with a 71hp Yanmar 4-cylinder, 16-valve direct-injection engine.

 TRX 7800 “S”

This tractor has Rev-Guide System RGS™ that allows the operator to rotate the driving position by 180° to use front tools such as forklifts, arms, blades, shredders and snow blowers with ease. Its versatility makes this tractor suitable both for agriculture and civil maintenance. It is equipped with a 71hp Yanmar 4-cylinder, 16-valve direct-injection engine.

 TGF 7800/9400 “S”

The TGF is a single-direction tractor with differentiated steering wheels with a low center of gravity that assures stability and safety on slopes and rough terrain. The front wheels are smaller than the rear wheels, offering precise steering and turning. The 7800 is equipped with a 71hp Yanmar 4-cylinder direct-injection engine and the 9400 has a 87hp 4-cylinder direct-injection engine with turbo intercooler.

SX 7800/9400 “S”

This single-direction articulated tractor has isodiametric wheels and a narrow track for use in small spaces, between rows and when turning on headlands. The 7800 is equipped with a 71hp Yanmar 4-cylinder direct injection engine and the 9400 has a 87hp 4-cylinder direct-injection engine with turbo intercooler.

Ergit “S” Series Features

  • The large, sensitive clutch that doesn’t require any adjustment
  • 32 speeds, 16 forward and 16 reverse
  • Tapered bodywork improves front visibility
  • Engine compartment is surrounded by a large honeycomb grill for efficient heat exchange
  • Cast iron front bumper protects the engine and helps keep the radiator clean
  • Tow hook located in front bumper
  • Contoured driver's seat reduces jerking and alleviates stress and fatigue
  • On-board instrumentation with an anti-glare screen with backlighting for night use
  • Integrated lifting/hydraulic system/PTO assembly and oversize hydraulic circuit for versatility with different types of equipment
  • Fully independent PTO with two speeds: 540 rpm, 540 E (750 rpm) and synchronized with gear speeds
  • StarLight cab designed to manuever the narrowest rows without damaging plants
  • Front and rear windows offer full visibility of equipment and the roadway
  • Ventilation system with rapid front windscreen defogging system
  • EasyStar frame with protective roof and left-hand rearview mirror

 Groundcare: TTR 4400 HST and SP 4400 HST

TTR 4400 HST

 The concept of TTR 4400 HST replicates that of the top-of-the-line AC tractors, though on a smaller scale. The decision to fit direct-injection engines by the international producers generates lower noise, less vibrations, reduced consumption and maximum efficiency. The configuration of the TTR 4400 HST, featuring hydrostatic transmission, ACTIO™ chassis, low center of gravity, reversible steering and isodiametric driving wheels, allows the vehicle to perform many different operations on all types of terrain. With TTR 4400 HST, the tractor implement combination can have various operative layouts in order to achieve a high standard of specialisation, performing many farming or urban maintenance activities.

The AC Family Feeling

The streamlined design of the bodywork copies the lines of the AC top-of-the-line series. Apart from its pleasing appearance, it also gives operators total visibility.

The solid cast-iron bumpers protect the engine and radiator and increase the stability of the vehicle due to the greater weight on the front axle. The vertical front opening of the hood, assisted by a central supporting strut, assures ease of maintenance.

Engine and Transmission

The Yanmar direct-injection diesel engine giving 38 hp at 3000 rpm provides a generous maximum torque at just 1200 rpm. The special feature of the TTR 4400 HST is the hydrostatic transmission which allows the speed to be continuously changed from 0 to 30 km/h and quickly inverts the direction of travel at any time. The combination of this engine with the hydrostatic transmission highlights the versatility and efficiency of the vehicle, assuring maximum safety both when braking and when starting without having to use the clutch pedal.

Speed-fix: the operator can maintain the speed of the working vehicle at any time using the speed-fix system which can be easily activated using a dashboard button. For delicate work on grass (soccer pitches or golf courses), the possibility of disengaging the rear traction and selecting the 1000 rpm of the PTO, as well as the standard 540, is particularly handy.

Platform: Versatility and Comfort

A projecting engine, front-steering axle and ACTIO™ central joint with longitudinal oscillation are the distinctive features of TTR. The two oscillating parts independently follow the terrain and assure constant stability and traction. The combination of vehicle and equipment balances the tractor, distributing 50% of the weight on each axle. Another feature of the TTR 4400 HST is the RGS™ Rev-Guide System, positioned on a rotating turret, which allows the direction of driving to be reversed in just a few seconds in order to work naturally both with equipment towed from behind, pushed in front or applied facing the direction of travel.

The Cabin

The soundproofed, heated and air-conditioned cab (opt.) provides all-round visibility and a large space which is enhanced by the curved profile of the cab with front and rear windows and partially or totally opening doors.