Padova, Italy, September 1, 2011 — Antonio Carraro Spa, a manufacturer of multi-ACpurpose tractors for specialized agriculture, landscape and roadside maintenance, has entered the Apple world with a new iPad and iPhone application.

The app features “Tony-Tigre”, an educational game that brings readers into a fantasy-filled world of tractors and life in the country. A story you can both read and hear, it's filled with time-honored values. The preface offers a summary of the history of mechanized agriculture in words a child can understand.

Tony-Tigre is the cartoon multi-purpose tractor who can do all kinds of things on the farm with his family.

The application for iPhones and iPads is an interactive audiobook published in five languages (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish).

The application also contains a section called “Play with Tony-Tigre” that offers every little reader finger-painting fun. Every creation can be sent online, modified and shared on Facebook.