Group now fully integrated into the John Deere Agriculture & Turf Div.

To enable greater global growth, John Deere recently underwent a global reorganization of its golf business, which will now fully integrate into the John Deere Agriculture & Turf Div. The enhanced organization puts the full resources - innovation, expertise and history - of the expansive John Deere Enterprise behind its golf business, allowing John Deere Golf to better serve golf superintendents and greenskeepers, club managers, and maintenance professionals.

"We see an exceptional opportunity within the global golf business," said John Lagemann, vice president, sales and marketing, John Deere Agriculture & Turf Div. "And, we're well positioned, as an enterprise, to strengthen our industry position worldwide. By aligning more closely with their peers, our golf-dedicated team members now have more resources at their disposal. As a result, our customers ultimately will benefit through more innovative products, improved business services and reinforced after-the-sale support." 

This expanded global focus not only keeps current team members in positions aligned with their experience, but also integrates them into focused business units that have additional resources.

"We are pleased that we'll now be able to fully leverage John Deere's global reach, backed by 61,000 employees, a $32 billion company and a $3 million-a-day investment in research and development," said Gregg Breningmeyer, global segment manager, John Deere Golf. 

"While this is an exciting internal change, we remain focused on our customers. We understand they play a key part in managing golf facilities, and we're looking forward to leveraging our global assets to help them fortify and grow their businesses, as we grow ours."

"John Deere Golf is trusted by some of the most demanding facilities and customers in the industry," continued Lagemann. "So, it's a natural progression for us to utilize all of our resources to grow globally ... and to help our customer grow in all of our markets. John Deere prides itself on its commitment to continual improvement and learning, and this is best realized when each of our businesses are able to benefit from the focus and strength of our entire global organization."