In attendance at today’s event was Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe.  He had this to say "Bad Boy Mowers is a homegrown Arkansas company that continues to grow thanks to an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong, committed workforce “and on Bad Boy’s and Batesville’s relationship, “Bad Boy and Batesville have brought each other success in recent years, and I'm glad to see this relationship continue to strengthen."

Bad Boy was established in 1998 in Diaz, Arkansas and began production at its current Batesville location in 2002. The company has experienced several expansions in its short 14 year history.

Bad Boy co-owners Phil Pulley and Robert Foster attribute the company's continued growth and success to the superior quality of the company's products, and most importantly to the exceptional workforce responsible for designing and producing those products.

"We have a family atmosphere and a team spirit second to none, and a group of hard working, talented, and extremely dedicated employees that have made us what we are, allowing us to continue to grow and expand," Pulley stated. "We like to say that our products are built Bad Boy tough and Batesville proud," Foster added.

This expansion will allow us to expand our Multi-Terrain Vehicles, from 10 to 16 different models that can be used for agricultural, recreational, and industrial purposes. The new model, the “Ultra-Terrain” is planned to be a three-quarter-ton vehicle that will accommodate three adults and will be manufactured in the new facilities.

"We come out with several new models every year," Foster said. "And I think this new big rig that we're coming out with, the new three-quarter-ton utility vehicle, I think it's got the opportunity to double Bad Boy."