CEAttachments, Inc., a global supplier of attachments and accessories for compact equipment, announces the addition of all new EDGE Inverted Log Splitter attachment for skid steer and track loaders.

The new standard-flow EDGE Inverted Log Splitter attachment is designed to end the back-breaking labor of splitting wood by allowing the operator to remain in the seat and operate all of the controls for lifting, transporting and splitting wood.  No need to ever touch a heavy log again! 

The front of the splitter can be used to push logs and position them for splitting.  Simply lower the Inverted Log Splitter over the log, engage the auxiliary hydraulics and split logs up to 24” long right on the ground quickly and effortlessly.  The splitter can also be used to lift heavy logs and transport them to another location for splitting.

The powerful cylinder on this attachment drives 20 tons of force to it’s splitting wedge, yet runs on 10-20 gpm standard hydraulic flow.

The splitter on this attachment can also be unbolted from the quick attach and flipped 180 degrees for upright splitting applications.

The new EDGE Inverted Log Splitter comes complete with hoses and flat face couplers, ready to split piles of wood in minutes.

See the new EDGE Inverted Log Splitter Product Announcement, Spec Sheet and Video on our website at www.ceattachments.com or call our attachment experts toll free at 866-232-8224.

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