DR Power Equipment the brand new DR RapidFire Log Splitter which eliminates many of the big drawbacks of hydraulic log splitters. With RapidFire there's no hydraulic fluid to spill or replace. DR RapidFire Log Splitters have lower maintenance and operation costs, than slow hydraulic splitters and with it DR has achieved dramatic increases in speed and productivity.

The groundbreaking DR RapidFire log splitters replace hydraulics with a powerful rack and pinion system that delivers overwhelming speed and power to the task of splitting logs. The engine spins two 74 pound, cast iron flywheels to generate and store tremendous energy that is unleashed in a sudden burst, hurtling the log into the splitting wedge.

 The RapidFire will split a log in one second, then automatically return to its starting position, in a total of just three seconds, making it the fastest log splitter on the market-up to six times faster than conventional hydraulic splitters. The RapidFire model is available with manual- and electric-starting. DR also offers an optional steel work table for the RapidFire, which expands the work surface to keep split wood within easy reach for re-splitting or stacking.

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