Powered by a low-emission engine, the dynamic and fuel-efficient STIHL KM 90 R KombiMotor offers professional users a simple solution to meet all outdoor power equipment needs. The KM 90 R KombiMotor has the option of 13 easy-to-switch attachments, allowing for cost savings, and minimizing storage and transportation space.

KombiSystem Attachment Highlights:

  • KW-KM STIHL PowerSweep
    • Cleans up caked dirt along roads and sidewalks, moves pebbles and sand in turf, as well as water and light snow along flat surfaces (picture).
  • BG-KM Blower
    • A unique, lightweight, ideal for outside cleanup tasks.
  • FCB-KM Curved Lawn Edger
    • For edging along walkways and planting beds. Adjustable depth control wheel and built-in blade "sight" helps with making the correct cut.
  • HT-KM Pole Pruner
    • Makes quick work of pruning trees and shrubs. Side-access chain tensioner makes it easy to adjust the chain. Oil tank cap with retainer helps keep from losing the cap.
  • HL-KM 135° Adjustable Hedge Trimmer
    • Has the added flexibility of being able to be adjusted to 270° (135° working range).

To learn about all of the 13 optional interchangeable KombiSystem attachments, visit STIHL's website.