VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (Oct. 24, 2013) — The new STIHL FS 240 R and S 240 trimmers offer users the power to cut through heavy thickets and tall growth including low-lying roadside ditches and around ponds, canals and highway exits. These trimmers feature a robust 37.7 cc low-exhaust-emission engine, offering greater fuel-efficiency than the previous models*, significantly cutting fuel costs. 

“The FS 240 R and FS 240 are powerful yet easy-to-use and fuel-efficient,” said Marv Mathwig, STIHL Inc. product manager. “Equipped with a fuel tank that is 17 percent larger and an engine that is 20 percent more fuel-efficient and can be more productive, getting more work down in less time.”*

The loop handle design of the FS 240 R offers users the flexibility needed to trim between brushes, shrubs and other tight spaces. The FS 240 bike handle version offers a swivel design for easy transport and storage. Both trimmers feature a vertically-pleated, paper air filter element that extends service life, reducing maintenance costs.

 The FS 240 R and FS 240 come standard with the most popular STIHL professional head, the TapAction AUTOCUT 25-2, which allows users to simply tap the cutting head to feed the double nylon line. The versatile FS 240 R is designed to work well with a brush knife to handle tough, thick weeds, undergrowth, scrub and brush. Saw blade attachments are great for thinning and clearing of saplings and small trees, as well as bushes and brush.