• Adds brush cutting capability to the DR trimmer/mower
  • Cuts through light brush and brambles up to 3/8 in. thick
  • Cuts 11.6" wide
  • Attaches in less than a minute
  • Cuts weeds, brush, stalks, even cattails
  • Features tough, metal cutting edge embedded in a lightweight, space-age polymer

DR DuraBlades are designed to cut woody brush that is too tough for your cutting cords, and too flexible and "whippy" for the Beaver Blade. It slices through brambles and hardwood brush up to 3/8" thick, and tough, stalky weeds.

To attach the DuraBlades simply unscrew your Mow-Ball and replace it with the new, Mow-Ball/DuraBlade holder. Includes new Mow-Ball, mounted with 3 blades, plus an extra set of 3 blades.