All models are PTO driven and most models have an adjustable hitch that will easily attach to the 3-point hitch. All snowblowers are quick hitch compatible. Adjustable and replaceable skid shoes, standard on all models, make it easy to set the appropriate cutting height. The 108" and 120" models have a replaceable cutting edge.

To move snow faster and greater distances, Farm King snowblowers are equipped with four blade fans. Dual augers to intake snow are standard on 96", 108", 120" models and 108"/120" models have replaceable fan housing. Depending on model, the rotation of the spout is controlled hydraulically, or manually using a hand crank. The spout deflector establishes the trajectory of the snow and can be equipped with a 6-position manual adjustment or a hydraulic kit. No tools are required for the manual adjustment. 7' or 10.5' extended spouts for truck loading are available on the 108" and 120".

Designed for easy maintenance, snowblower models up to 74" have an open gearbox system that is easy to access. Models above 84" feature a closed gearbox housed in a sealed oil bath that is resistant to moisture and dirt. Both gearbox systems are available on 84" models.

The PTO and sprocket to the main auger include shear bolts to minimize damage in the event of debris or overload.