Kubota's heavy-duty, high performance RTV series utility vehicles have a strong reputation for durability, reliability and work. Additionally, our reputation with dealers is consistently among the best in the industry. Our dealer programs helped us earn the highest dealer satisfaction score on the recent North American Equipment Dealers Assn. survey. And, this year, Kubota USA celebrates 40 years.

We serve about 1,100 dealer locations in the U.S., a number which has remained steady for 20 years. The number of owners has been declining as retirements and consolidations occur. What we have today is a network of larger and more professional dealers, who serve more demanding and tech-savvy customers.

Our commitment has been and remains with our independent dealer-owners.

What Sets Kubota Apart

We combined our experience in diesel engines, hydraulics and tractors to build a workhorse of a utility vehicle. In fact, Kubota dominates the diesel work utility market. For instance, railroads rely on our vehicles to be ready to work 24/7, 365 days a year, and our RTVs are one of the few utility vehicles on the market that can meet those kinds of demands. Because of real-world examples like this, I say that our RTVs are Clydesdales among ponies.

Several advantages differentiate our RTVs from other utility vehicles. One is the combination of our diesel engine and hydrostatic transmission. No one else in our segment has a hydrostatic transmission. Our cargo box can haul up to half a ton and our hydraulic dumping capability offers unmatched speed and lifting power. A number of our competitors don't have any type of power dump system or just have a slower electric system.


Kubota's utility vehicles can haul up to half a ton and have hydraulic dumping capabilities.

Kubota also offers versatility that others don't. Our heavy-duty Front Quick Hitch makes it easy for customers to attach commercial-quality implements like blades and rotary brooms for increased productivity. Our RTV1140CPX model and its customizable seating design lets customers transform the RTV from one-row to two-row seating and still keep cargo-hauling capability.

We also strive to offer dealers ways to customize offerings to meet their market preferences and be a one-stop shop for customers. Our alliance with www.orangeaftermarket.com provides dealers with an option for non-Kubota after-market accessories, such as gun boots, racks and acrylic windshields.

Successful Dealer Practices

Our Kubota dealers are successful because they understand their markets and actively look for new sales prospects. They stock the right models and implements and have a good reputation within their communities.

Our dealers all have trained technicians for servicing products, which is mainly about maintaining the vehicles. Dealers and customers know that Kubota has a solid reputation for products that experience few operational failures.

The one aspect we encourage all our dealers to improve upon is growing their dealer brand in the local community.

What's Ahead?

UTVs are becoming inherent in the rural lifestyle scene. The market is charged up and sales are significantly higher than last year. As pickup trucks become more expensive and luxurious, UTVs are often better alternatives for work. Pickups with leather seats look great, for instance, but you may not want to hop in one when you're dirty from cleaning a barn. UTVs are also just handier. You can park right outside your back door, quickly get in and check on your property.

Kubota is also taking advantage of an emerging segment by adding to its RTV line-up. Our new RTV400Ci, is an affordable, gas-powered vehicle that's easily transportable in the back of a pickup truck. It has an advanced, continuously variable transmission with an exclusive inertial clutch that continually keeps belts tight. This design offers greater response and better durability than competitors' simple, clutchless belt-drive systems. The RTV400Ci's electronic fuel injection is also unique in the segment where carburetors are the norm. This system ensures consistent cold weather starting.

All you need is a set of ramps, and you can load the RTV for hunting trips or to check properties. This nimble, light RTV may be affordable, but it offers exceptional durability and the capability to do yeoman's work.

Kubota as a company is planning for growth in all our product lines, from turf to tractors to construction. We will grow our market share incrementally over the next five years by offering quality products and developing new models.