Charter Software is pleased to announce the inclusion of Breadth Reporting capability for CNH Case New Holland dealers in their DealerWinTM business management system. Breadth Reporting fulfills new requirements for CNH Case New Holland dealers. The system automatically creates and electronically sends the required breadth report monthly to CNH from within the DealerWinTM Parts module.

Charter Software President Anne Salemo says, “We take pride in our close relationship with CNH, and our ability to implement their new requirements in an expedient manner. At Charter Software, our goal is to provide tight seamless integration between major manufacturers and our business system products, so we are very pleased to be able to include Breadth Reporting capability in our DealerWinTM business management system.” She adds, “Through our integration with CNH, dealers using our systems can save time and money and improve profits. For any CNH Case New Holland dealers who do not have a business management system with these tools, the time to install is now!”

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