CORE Outdoor Power, the sole manufacturer of GasLess outdoor power equipment for commercial markets and the discerning homeowner, announced today the expansion of its suite of GasLess products to include a handheld blower and hedge trimmer. The products, being showcased at this year’s GIE+Expo, come equipped with CORE GasLess motor technology. They are powerful, lightweight, run just as long as a tank of gas and have the unique ability to exceed noise, efficiency and emission standards.

Following the successful Spring 2012 debut of the CGT400 Line Trimmer, CORE Outdoor Power is introducing the CB420 handheld blower that weighs only 11 pounds, runs up to 400 cubic feet per minute and produces winds up to 110 miles per hour. The CB420 is not only the most efficient blower on the market, but also the quietest, making hearing protection unnecessary. Also hitting store shelves will be a 12-pound CHT410 hedge trimmer with run-times of up to 90 minutes, with the same powerful, noise-free operation.

Lincoln Jore, president and CEO of CORE Outdoor Power, holding the new CORE GasLess Handheld Blower

Understanding the need for versatility and longevity for the commercial market, CORE Outdoor Power is also introducing the Quad Power Pak. The Quad Power Pak is compatible with all CORE products and functions as both a back pack, offering users four times the run time, and a mobile charging system. When being used as a mobile charging system it has the capability to charge 4 Power Cells simultaneously using a 12 volt power supply, (such as a vehicle power outlet) or a typical AC wall outlet.

CORE Outdoor Power’s entire line of products is currently sold at more than 1500 dealers in North America and online at

These products are expected to have a serious impact on the market and provide consumers and commercial users with a lightweight and cost-effective, yet powerful alternative to gas engines. The technology features the highest energy factor per weight of any existing motor or engine and is specifically designed to replace existing conventional motion devices, motors and engines by coupling the innovative motor design with a high energy Power Cell. The unique motor technology eliminates the copper windings found in traditional motors, instead utilizing a multi-layered circuit board stator that works in conjunction with permanent magnets and a power cell to very efficiently produce high torque and significant power.

“The versatility of this technology is really quite amazing and we plan to incorporate the unique motor design into additional CORE products down the road,” said Lincoln Jore, president and CEO. “We anticipate a product demand that rivals what we have experienced with the CGT400 Line Trimmer and are looking forward to continuing to provide effective GasLess alternatives to the outdoor power equipment market.”

CORE Outdoor Power’s engineering team is continually working to add innovative products and is planning to introduce a self-propelled push-mower in 2013.