Core GasLess Power Grass Trimmer

Core Outdoor Power, a manufacturer of GasLess outdoor power products and equipment, announced the launch of their innovative line of emission-free, hand-held power equipment during this year's GIE+EXPO. Core's line of environmentally-friendly lawn care products were exhibited at GIE+Expo, the largest green industry and equipment conference, including their grass trimmers, blowers, hedge trimmers, lawnmowers and backpack blowers.

These products are aimed at disrupting the market by running just as long as a tank of gas. CORE powered products also offer unique benefits in areas where noise and emission standards apply, as they generate very little noise and zero emissions. They maintain these distinctive advantages without sacrificing power and have the ability to provide as much torque as professional grade gas engines.

Core Outdoor Power's product line features a new motor that utilizes patented technology known as Conductor Optimized Rotary Energy, "CORE." The technology eliminates wire windings and iron laminations found in traditional electric motors and replaces them with a printed circuit board stator that cooperates with permanent magnet rotors to optimize the generated power. The use of CORE motors in these products enables them to produce a high-torque rotary motion at very high efficiency levels, which leads to longer run times and unmatched performance.

"We have dedicated the past several years to perfecting this technology and are confident that it will revolutionize the outdoor power equipment industry," said Mark Bubert, a spokesman for Core Outdoor Power. "We believe that the market has been waiting a long time for an emission free, quiet but powerful line of outdoor power equipment and that our products can fill that void."

In the spring of 2012, Core will debut the CGT400 Trimmer, the first component in the GasLess family of products. At the heart of the trimmer lies the wireless CORE motor, which allows for all of the unique advantages that come with CORE Technology. In addition to these CORE platform benefits, (emission free, quiet and powerful), the trimmer offers the following features: instant trigger start, light weight, ergonomic soft-grip handles, great balance, no vibration, and run times equivalent to a tank of gas. Following the trimmer, Core Outdoor Power will launch GasLess hedge trimmers, hand-held blowers, and backpack blowers in mid 2012, and follow them in 2013 with the first wheeled product using CORE Technology, a self-propelled, walk behind lawnmower.