The 36-volt lithium-ion STIHL Battery KombiSystem is packed with user-friendly benefits, offering multiple tools that can all be powered by one interchangeable battery. No mixing fuel, no exhaust emissions, no power cords, just pull the trigger and go.

Customers will also find lower operating costs a plus with this new environmentally responsible option. The lithium-ion battery costs as low as $0.02 per hour to operate as compared to $0.88 or more for gasoline-powered equivalents, providing convenience and cost savings with this multitask line.*

The 36-volt STIHL Lithium-Ion batteries feature long run times with no gradual drop in power, as well as fast recharges.

“The STIHL Lithium-Ion (line) has been the industry’s biggest advancement in cordless handheld equipment,” said Rick Hauser of Clean Air Lawn Care in Dallas, Texas. “I have four yards to maintain in one particular neighborhood. I’ll go through seven or eight competitor batteries in those four yards compared to using only 75 percent of one STIHL AP 160 battery.”

With lithium-ion power, STIHL delivers a line of products that eliminates fuel costs and engine emissions while still delivering the power you need to get the job done. The 36-volt lithium-ion STIHL Battery KombiSystem includes the HSA 65 hedge trimmer, the FSA 65 and FSA 85 grass trimmers, the MSA 160 C-BQ chain saw, the BGA 85 blower and the RMA 370 walk-behind lawn mower. And in 2013, STIHL will be adding products, including the HLA 65 extended reach hedge trimmer and more.

Whether it is power, convenience or environmental concerns, the STIHL Battery KombiSystem gives users another option to help meet their outdoor power equipment needs.

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* Actual results may vary and depend on the tool model and battery used, user's operating technique, and condition and scope of work to be performed. Test results are based on one gallon of 89 octane gas @ $3.89/gal and a 2.6 oz. Ultra Oil @ $1.70/bottle compared to electricity cost of 11 cents/kWh as a national average for residential use. Comparisons are based upon STIHL Lithium-Ion and comparable STIHL gas-powered equipment. © 2012 STIHL