VP Racing Fuels, Inc. announced at last week's GIE+EXPO show a plan to shake up the OPE fuel category, starting with its new advanced formula broad spectrum "VP Small Engine Fuel." According to Steve Burns, VP's CEO and Director of R&D, VP is uniquely positioned to lead the small engine fuel category with a plan that spans all relevant issues including:

  • Leading edge ethanol-free chemistry
  • Packaging and distribution
  • Tech support and training
  • Customer service
  • Marketing support

New ethanol-free "VP Small Engine Fuel" - originally launched by VP as "SEFTM Small Engine Fuel" two years ago - has been reformulated to combat ethanol-related problems in a wider range of outdoor power equipment, while its new name and package design offer an appealing retail look that more effectively leverages the reputation for high performance inherent in the VP Racing Fuels brand.

"The redesign of our packaging reflects feedback from many of our dealers and retail customers who expressed confidence in our products specifically because of VP's long-term expertise in developing performance fuels," said Burns. "Regarding our new formula, we have thousands of satisfied customers who currently depend on our small engine fuels, including Fire & Rescue units, arborists, lawn care professionals and other demanding customer segments. But if we've learned anything from racing it's that we can't rest on our laurels, and that's a critical part of our plan - to always stay on the leading edge of technology."

"We've learned over three years of conducting R&D on small engine fuels there is no single formula that can be perfect for all OPE. After all, applications include everything from low rpm 20cc string trimmers to high rev 32 Hp zero-turn lawnmowers, with many variables influencing fuel characteristics, from ambient temperature to rpm's to altitude, " Burns said. "Early on, we were focused primarily on engine longevity for high horsepower equipment, but the resulting formula - although very effective - wasn't optimum for low rev 2-cycle equipment running at lower engine temps."

"That realization led to many more hours of testing in the lab, in the field and with leading experts in lubrication, with which we've developed the ultimate combination of fuel and proprietary synthetic oil technology," Burns continued. "The result is VP Small Engine Fuel, an advanced formula broad spectrum fuel for the widest range of OPE of any fuel on the market."

"In addition, we're also introducing a 97-octane formula called 'PRO MAX.' It's specifically designed for the unique demands of high load, high rpm equipment such as professional chain saws, an application heretofore lacking a credible fuel solution."

"In line with our plan, we're also leading the way in packaging and distribution," Burns added. "VP already had three container options including quarts, 5-gallon pails and drums, but we've now introduced a 1-gallon container to round out the widest selection of any fuel company. In addition, we're leveraging our extensive distribution network to offer a bulk fuel program with the potential to put a drum or tote in every OPE dealer location in America."

"We're also introducing the VP-SEF Fuel Cage program. Like a metal propane tank cage, VP's Fuel Cage enables fire marshal-friendly storage and retail sale of 5-gallon pails of VP Small Engine Fuel. It turns a dealer's location into a 'destination' for high volume fuel customers such as lawn care and tree service companies, construction crews, rural and large landowners and others. And because VP-SEF is consumable, it ensures repeat customer visits and additional cross-sale opportunities."

"Our plan also addresses customer service, an area VP leads with real-time tech support, training modules and web-based resources. In terms of marketing, VP's presence throughout all forms of motorsports, coupled with its recently launched retail branding program, offers opportunities beyond the capabilities of traditional brands," Burns said.

"The bottom line is the OPE industry has a fuel problem. It's in need of solutions and VP Racing Fuels is uniquely positioned to lead the way in providing them."

VP Small Engine Fuel is available from VP direct and a growing number of distributors throughout the U.S. For more information about VP Small Engine Fuels or to become a dealer, contact VP toll-free at 877-515-1733 or VP-SEF@vpracingfuels.com.

In addition to racing fuels and small engine fuels, VP's product line includes VP PowerMaster hobby fuels for R/C Racing. More information is available online at VPRacingFuels.com, VP-SEF.com and PowermasterFuels.com.