To provide customers with more finely chopped vegetation and easier maintenance, John Deere introduces the HX6 and HX7 Rotary Cutters. These machines offer new features such as a deeper cutting chamber and double-deck design that improve overall performance. These two rotary cutters replace the JD609 and JD709 machines and deliver heavy-duty mowing performance whether it's for after-harvest crop leveling or roadside grooming.

The new HX Series Rotary Cutters from John Deere offer more aggressive cutting and deliver better shredding action than previous models.

Roberto De La Garza, product specialist for John Deere, says the new models offer more aggressive cutting and deliver better shredding action. "These new rotary cutters leave a cleaner swath and have a deeper cutting chamber than any competitor," De La Garza says.

The HX6 and HX7 offer the industry exclusive double-deck design. De La Garza says, "This new design prevents water and debris from collecting on top of the unit because the upper deck is domed. Water, grass and crop debris tend to roll off the deck, reducing water buildup and deck rust. The domed shape and smooth profile of the top deck also make the deck easier to clean if trash builds up in adverse conditions."

John Deere's improved rotary cutters have a variable cutting height of two to nine inches and come in two cutting widths: six feet and seven feet. The gearbox is rated at 150 continuous and 210 peak horsepower and the blade pan inclusion offers more protection to the gearbox. With an operating speed of five mph, the rotary cutters have the ability to cut materials up to three inches in diameter.
The machines have a three-point clevis-type hitch and have been improved for easier height adjustment. "A forward tip adjustment allows the cutter to be tilted forward slightly, so most of the cutting occurs in the front while the shredding action takes place toward the rear of the machine," De La Garza says.

"These new rotary cutters have been designed to provide years of heavy-duty mowing performance while being easy to clean and maintain. They are a perfect match with John Deere 5 and 6 Series Tractors. Rotary cutter customers will be able to utilize the machine with the same trust they've had in the previous models," De La Garza adds.