Proving its engines thrive even on the most demanding equipment applications, Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power showcased its Vanguard Vehicle Power Lineup at the recent GIE+Expo show October 24 to 26 in Louisville, Ky.

The Vanguard Vehicle Power Lineup includes engines in the 13- to 23- gross horsepower range. The lineup has been proven to meet the rigorous challenges of off-road utility vehicles on numerous well-established brands including E-Z-GO, Club Car, Cushman, Bad Boy Buggies, Argo, Toro and John Deere.

Briggs Vanguard engines on display at the 2012 GIE+Expo.

"On a vehicle, the engine is subject to a variety of hazards including debris, heat, vibration and shock loads - all in an enclosed environment - unlike any other application in the green industry," said Dan Roche, marketing manager for Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power. "At the same time, expectations for drivability, payload capacity and four-wheel drive have put more focus on the power source. Our commercial-grade Vanguard™ engines in the 13 to 23 gross horsepower* range have been specifically tailored with unique features to meet a vehicle's difficult demands."

The Vehicle Power Lineup engines include:

  • Cooler, cleaner technology that reduces engine and oil temperatures by up to 30 degrees and manages airborne debris
  • A lightweight platform that is typically 15 percent lighter than competitive engines of similar displacement
  • Commercial-quality components including premium ball bearing, steel-backed bearing, side T6 heat-treated aluminum alloy, connecting rod and a piston ring package
  • An optional High Speed Enrichment (HSE) carburetor, which utilizes a fourth circuit to deliver a richer air-fuel mix for quick acceleration, heavy loads and starting
  • Plated, corrosion-resistant materials and waterproof seals

When a vehicle manufacturer is ready to put an engine from the Vehicle Power Lineup to work, Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power delivers the necessary individualized engineering and support through its Engine Application Center (EAC). At the EAC, a team of technicians utilizes advanced tools and technology to evaluate the vehicle's needs, analyze the design, test the engine and perform an Engine Installation Review.

"The EAC is critical to our unique value proposition," Roche said. "The service enables our customers to lean on our equipment and expertise to reduce their research and development time and costs while ensuring they get an engine specifically designed to perform exactly as they need it to. This service becomes even more valuable when dealing with the unrelenting engine demands of a vehicle."