C-Systems Software, Inc., is proud to announce the release of Kubota Parts Locator service and Warranty Labor Flat Rate File integration, making it even easier for Kubota dealers to manage their businesses and serve their customers.

These new features were demonstrated at the Kubota National Dealer Meeting in October and met with rave reviews.

“Dealer reaction was overwhelmingly positive,” Joe Miller, c-Systems marketing director, said.

Parts Locator

The Parts Locator service — now available on all our business systems — allows participating dealers to upload their Kubota inventory directly to Kubota so other dealers can locate and request parts if Kubota is out of stock. This will create an additional market for merchandise as well as help dealers locate parts for their customers.

As beta tester for the Parts Locator service, c-Systems’ worked closely with Kubota’s Alex Kanger and Steve Hayashi to develop this new feature.

Warranty Labor Flat Rates

Kubota’s warranty labor flat rates are now integrated within c-Systems’ business management systems. These labor flat rates automatically link to equipment being repaired so dealers only need to point and click on the appropriate labor description to post it to a repair order.

“We hope that the inclusion of labor rates will be the first step toward offering automatic completion and electronic transmission of warranty claims from dealers to their vendors,” Miller said.

This integration is part of Infinity version 5.1, now out for release.

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