At the recent 2012 GIE+EXPO trade show, fuel prices were once again a hot topic as landscape professionals seek to reduce costs without sacrificing productivity. Engineers at Exmark had this in-mind when they developed the 2013 Exmark Lazer Z X-Series with Kohler EFI powered engine and Exmark’s RED technology. The new engine technology does not only reduce fuel consumption by up to 41-percent compared to carbureted models, but delivers improved engine response and performance in demanding mowing conditions.

Fig. 1: Governor Droop Comparison — Carbureted/mechanical, EFI/mechanical and EFI w/E-Governor. Click to enlarge.

At the heart of the engine’s responsiveness is an electronic governor, which offers a significant reduction in governor droop (Fig. 1), and helps maintain more consistent blade tip speed in varying conditions. The end result is a superior finished cut quality, according to Exmark Product Manager, John Swanson.

“When compared head-to-head, a spring-operated mechanical governor is much slower to respond to loading than is an electronic governor. By using an electronic governor in tandem with our RED on-board intelligence on EFI-equipped models, we’re able to deliver the fuel efficiency landscape professionals desire without compromising power or performance in the field.”

“Our testing reveals a substantial increase in engine responsiveness, especially in heavy, wet cutting conditions on RED-equipped mowers. Customers will of course enjoy the added fuel efficiency as well, and with user-selectable performance modes, they can choose the right mix of performance and efficiency for any conditions.”

The RED system includes defined performance modes (Fig. 2) that allow the operator to choose an appropriate level of performance for the task at-hand. This allows contractors to achieve maximum efficiency when conditions allow, such as in transport, or to maximize power when the conditions require. Performance modes are defined by user selection of a three-position rocker switch, combined with the position of the PTO switch.

Fig. 2: RED Technology – Defined Performance Modes. Click to enlarge.

Selecting Max mode gives the operator maximum power and performance, ideal for demanding cutting conditions. Efficient mode delivers increased fuel efficiency with excellent overall performance. This mode also delivers reduced emissions, noise and overall machine wear. Low mode is for wet conditions and is designed to reduce deck packing.

Enhanced Safety and Durability

The RED system includes a clutch saver feature, which extends clutch life by engaging at 2,750 RPM and disengaging at 2,500 RPM, regardless of throttle position. It also facilitates improved operator efficiency by allowing “on-the-fly” PTO engagement and disengagement. The system also monitors vital system components such as the engine temperature, oil pressure and clutch status and places the machine in “safe transport” mode (clutch disengaged, 2,500 RPM) when critical thresholds are exceeded. This prevents permanent damage to the machine and allows safe return for service.

Exmark is offering two RED-equipped Kohler EFI-powered Lazer Z X-Series models for 2013, including a model with an ECV940 and a 60-inch UltraCut Series-6 deck, and an ECV980 model with a 72-inch UltraCut Series-6 deck.

The Lazer Z X-Series leads the industry with features designed to make it more durable and easier-to-use by landscape professions, including a compact, heavy-duty welded unibody steel frame, high-capacity 12-gallon (45.4L) fuel tank and large diameter no-flat semi-pneumatic front caster tires. Exmark’s new 2013 Custom Ride seat is standard on all 2013 Lazer Z X-Series models. It offers unmatched comfort through the incorporation of multiple Exmark patented technologies.

The X-Series is the premier series in Exmark’s innovative Lazer Z family of zero-turn riding mowers. To learn more about the Lazer Z, or any Exmark model, visit, or call (402) 223-6300.