KOHLER, Wis. — Kohler Engines was the first company to incorporate Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) technology into the high performance, air cooled twin-cylinder engines used by lawn care professionals. Now, this money-saving technology — which is popular among the people who earn a living mowing lawns — will soon be available to homeowners everywhere. Kohler Engines has developed the company’s first ever EFI twin-cylinder engine designed specifically for consumer lawn mowers, including lawn tractors and zero-turn radius (ZTR) mowers, which have seen consistent sales growth at home improvement retailers and lawn equipment dealers nationwide.     

“Kohler Engines pioneered closed-loop EFI technology in commercial lawn mowers back in 1996,” says Eric Hudak, marketing manager for Kohler Engines. “It was a technology that was developed for — and targeted to — the professional market. Now, we’re rolling this performance enhancing and fuel efficient innovation into our new 7500 Series EFI engine, which is designed specifically for consumer lawn mowers.”

Kohler’s new EFI consumer engine will officially be unveiled this fall and will be available on major lawn mower brands in spring 2017. The company’s closed-loop EFI system will deliver several benefits to consumer lawn mowers, including automotive-like turnkey starting and better fuel economy. Since electronic fuel injection systems replace carburetors, carburetor-related issues and repairs are also eliminated — including the buildup of damaging residue and carburetor corrosion that can occur when using ethanol-blended gasoline.

“We’re working closely with our equipment and retail partners on products that we’ll be able to unveil in a few months,” Hudak says. “Until then, we encourage homeowners to ask about Kohler EFI wherever they purchase lawn mowers and other outdoor power equipment. Those interested in learning more about our EFI technology – and the many benefits it’s been providing to lawn care professionals for nearly two decades – can also visit KohlerEngines.com/efi.”