c-Systems Software, Inc., announced the recent addition of Ariens and Gravely Labor Flat Rate Time integration for the latest release of Infinity 5.1. 

Flat Rate Time -FRT- provides the ability to link equipment on the repair order/shop ticket to the associated vendor's labor flat rates. Now the dealer only needs to point and click to add the appropriate labor rate within a repair order, thus removing the hassle of manually looking up labor codes, descriptions, and times.

Each of the OEM vendors spends considerable time and effort developing lists of suggested labor flat rate times to do warranty repairs on their products. c-Systems realized that it only makes sense that these same codes, descriptions and times that are the basis of warranty repair reimbursement, could be easily used for normal billable repairs too. With the addition of vendor labor flat rates, more applicable repair times are easier to include and much less likely, a mistake will occur. Using the Vendor's defined rates will help to standardize equipment repair descriptions, provide for a more professional looking repair ticket, and increase billing amounts and profits on each repair order.

Ultimately, it is c-Systems desire that the inclusion of vendor labor flat rates will be the initial step toward offering automatic completion and electronic transmission of warranty claims from dealers to their vendors. c-Systems understands that warranty claims transmission is a priority for all dealers and with the integration of vendor flat rates we are close to making that happen.

c-Systems worked closely with Ariens, Exmark, Kubota, Stihl and Toro to develop this type of exclusive integration and we are thankful for the assistance they provided. They encourage each of the other OPE and AG vendors to provide their FRT data too. This integration is a win for both dealers and vendors because it helps the dealer do business easier and professionally.

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