CORE Outdoor Power introduces its new Power-Lok, a drive unit with interchangeable landscaping attachments. The Power-Lok system provides landscapers with innovative and adaptive products that are professional quality with the convenience of interchangeable attachments that can trim grass, cut hedges and blow leaves and debris.

The drive unit provides the power as well as the intelligence to efficiently control each motorized attachment. Upon connection, Power-Lok’s exclusive Intelligent Electronic Control instantaneously recognizes the attachment and communicates operational instructions to the powerful CORE motor, ensuring optimum performance, and functionality.

Power-Lok employs the same proven Conductor Optimized Rotary Energy, or CORE technology used in its popular dedicated unit line. This revolutionary motor technology produces the highest energy factor per pound of any existing motor at a fraction of the size and weight. In addition, Power-Lok delivers maximum, GasLess power through a rechargeable, high-energy power cell.

To connect or change the various motorized attachments, operators insert the Power-Lok attachment into the quick connect/disconnect Cam-Lok. A single turn of the Cam-Lok lever secures the attachment in place. Then, operators can insert the High-Energy Power Cell into the rear of the Drive Unit housing.

Power-Lok offers many benefits to landscapers who want convenience, flexibility and efficiency (at a fraction of the cost of purchasing separate dedicated units). What’s more, CORE’s products are lightweight, virtually noiseless and completely emission-free.

Power-Lok is Comprised of the Following Components:

Drive Unit

  • Contains the Intelligent Electronic Control, which instantaneously recognizes the attachment and communicates operational instructions to the CORE motor, ensuring optimum performance and functionality.

String Trimmer Attachment

  • Weight  (with Power Cell and Drive Unit): 11 pounds
  • Run Time: up to 70 minutes
  • Head Type: Dual Line Bump Feed
  • Trimmer Line: 0.095 diameter, 20’ on spool

Hedge Trimmer Attachment

  • Weight  (with Power Cell and Drive Unit): 13 pounds
  • Run Time: up to 90 minutes
  • Stokes Per Minute: 3200
  • Blade Length: 22 inches

Hand-held Blower Attachment

  • Weight  (with Power Cell and Drive Unit): 12 pounds
  • Wind Speed: Up to 110 MPH
  • Air Flow: Up to 400 CFM

CORE Outdoor Power was founded to commercialize an innovative motor technology into outdoor power products or equipment. The Conductor Optimized Rotary Energy (CORE) motor is a cutting edge device capable of producing high torque rotary motion at high efficiencies and power densities. This technology was developed by Matt Jore and Lincoln Jore, a father & son team, along with a talented group of engineers at Core Motion, Inc.