IRON Guides from Iron Solutions, the source of market information for agricultural, industrial, and outdoor power equipment, will now include valuations and specifications for Mahindra tractors, the top-selling tractors in the world.         

Beginning with the September 2013 updates to the print and digital versions of the IRON Guides, valuations and data for Mahindra tractor models since 2003 will be included. Dealers, lenders, and producers will be able to leverage the information in their sales, trade-in, and financing decisions.

IRON Guides valuations are based on daily collection of sales transaction data, providing values for all options. IRON Guides analyze the prices of actual sales transactions in light of base specifications, options, and adjustments for condition and hours of use. That provides far more than just an average of retail price listings, enabling valuations that account for the many factors involved in equipment sales.

“Mahindra’s inclusion in IRON Guides will create a quick and simple source for our dealers and customers to research Mahindra tractors and make it easier for them to do business,” said Cleo Franklin, Vice President, Marketing and Strategic Planning, Mahindra USA. “This enhancement adds value to the overall Mahindra brand experience.”

"IRON Guides provide information you need to ensure an appraisal is accurate," said Dallas Blome, Guides Vice President for Iron Solutions. "We make it easy for dealers to track trends in their markets, avoiding over-investment in inventory and reducing write-downs. The IRON Guides continue to be the preferred sales tool for the knowledgeable professional dealer sales force, providing an independent, trusted third-party resource for establishing trade-in values."

"As the fastest-growing tractor company in North America, we are continuing to grow our dealer base and customer base, so it is important for us to have our data and our values in the IRON Guides," said Mac Payne, Director of Dealer and Product Development for Mahindra USA. "There is a real benefit for our dealers and for the lenders in the marketplace to have reliable values available for used tractors."

For more than half a century, IRON Guides have been delivering the most accurate and current sales data available, showing current selling prices, values, and factory F.O.B. pricing. Sales data is validated and endorsed by skilled analysts and cross-referenced between dealer and factory sales prices.

The data also provides a solid foundation for other Iron Solutions products, such as the IRON Search online equipment marketplace, IRON Vector web-based equipment data trend application, IRON HQ-CRM marketing and sales automation engine for dealers, and the IRON ERP enterprise resource planning platform.

About Iron Solutions

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