Kubota Tractor Corporation has introduced the B50 Series, a new line of factory-integrated-cab tractors. Available now at dealerships nationwide, the new series includes the B2650 ROPS and B3350 HSDC Cab models, boasting 19.5 and 27 PTO horsepower, respectively. The Kubota B50 Series offers class-leading luxury and comfort with a spacious, virtually dust-tight cab, user-friendly control layout, and clean-emission Tier 4 compliant diesel engines.

“The Kubota B50 Series features the first tractors in their class with an integrated factory cab that is quiet, roomy, and sealed to make operation comfortable during any season,” said Paul Williams, senior product manager for Kubota. “These models can be equipped with numerous ‘Performance-Matched’ attachments so operators have many options to choose from to tackle any chore with ease.”

Premium Cab Comfort

The Kubota B50 Series integrated premium cab provides maximum comfort and year-round protection from the elements. The four-pillar cab design with rounded glass offers added space and panoramic views of the surrounding areas, helping to keep the operator warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and dry in wet conditions. The virtually dust-tight cab provides for a clean tractor interior after long hours of work, while also shielding against insects and other annoyances during operation. Doors open wide for easier entry and exit, and comfort is enhanced through better noise insulation for a quieter interior. The deluxe suspension seat with armrests is specially designed to absorb shock and reduce operator fatigue. To round out the new cab’s operator-friendly features, the storage compartments, cup holder, and toolbox are all within easy reach to provide added convenience, along with the 12-volt outlet for charging wireless peripherals.

Smart and Ergonomically Designed

For easier access and smoother operation, the Kubota B50 Series provides a user-friendly control layout. Levers are logically arranged on the left and right consoles, and switches are concentrated around the instrument panel. Also, the new multi-stage notch-type cruise control offers lighter lever operations to keep working speeds constant. The brake pedals have been moved to the left side of the steering column for more right-side foot space and easier operation of the HST pedal.

A Clean-Emissions Workhorse

Moving from location to location is quicker than ever with the Kubota B50 Series. Travel speeds of around 14 mph, with turf tires, provide efficient travel between jobs. The B3350’s 33 gross horsepower engine handles implements with ease. Additionally, the B50 Series’ diesel engines are built for greater power with cleaner emissions; specifically, the B3350’s liquid-cooled E-TVCS (Emissions-Three Vortex Combustion System) engine delivers more power and torque for increased productivity. Equipped with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) to further reduce emissions, the B3350 is compliant with Tier IV emissions standards.

A variety of “Performance-Matched” implements are available for the Kubota B50 Series, including a backhoe, front loader, snow blades, snowblowers, and pallet forks, making a multitude of jobs easier than ever in any season and all weather.