Kubota Tractor Corporation has introduced three new models to its B50-Series compact tractors, adding the newly designed B2650 and B3350 ROPS tractors and the new B3350SU Special Utility tractor to its lineup.

Available now at dealerships nationwide, the new Kubota B50-Series ROPS tractors offer class-leading luxury with user-friendly control layout, and powerful Kubota diesel engines that meet the latest Tier IV emission regulations. The three new models complement the line’s cab models released last year.

“The Kubota B50-Series tractors truly deliver on durability and dependability and now with a versatile ROPS model at an affordable price point,” said Paul Williams, senior product manager for Kubota. “No matter the job, these hardworking models offer numerous performance-matched attachments so operators have many options to choose from to tackle any chore with ease, all in complete comfort and style.”

The new B50-Series ROPS models have Kubota diesel engines that are built for greater power with cleaner emissions. The B3350 and B3350SU models offer a liquid-cooled E-TVCS (Emissions-Three Vortex Combustion System) engine, delivering increased power and high torque for more strength and enhanced productivity. Equipped with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), these models further reduce emissions to ensure compliance with the latest Tier IV emission standards. Each of the new models offer Kubota’s proven three-range, clutchless HST transmissions for easy operation and the optimal speed to match any job – low-range for extra power at low speed, mid-range for normal operations, and high-range for transporting from place to place. Additionally, operators can move more efficiently between jobs at top travel speeds ranging from approximately 12 mph to more than 14 mph with turf tires.

Highest PTO Ever for a B-Series Tractor

When it comes to implements, the B50-Series ROPS models provide an extra punch of power and strength for a range of tough tasks with 19.5 horsepower for the B2650 and 27 horsepower for both the B3350 and the B3350SU, the new B50-Series now delivers the highest PTO horsepower ever for a B-Series tractor.

Ideal for light utility work, mowing or landscaping, the B50-Series offers a variety of performance-matched implements, including a front loader, backhoe, mid-mount mower, standard and light material buckets, and snow blades, making a multitude of jobs easier than ever in any season.

ROPS Models Raise the Bar in Safety and Comfort

The Kubota B50-Series ROPS models are smart and ergonomically designed. From the deluxe suspension seat designed to absorb shock and reduce operator fatigue, to a tilt-steering wheel and easy-to-read LCD digital panel, the B50-Series allows for a comfortable driving position and nimble operation. Levers are logically arranged on the left and right consoles, and switches are concentrated around the instrument panel. In addition, the brake pedal is positioned on the left side of the steering column for more right-side foot space and easier operation of the HST pedal. Also, the front grill and newly designed headlamps are now integrated into the one-piece metal hood for easier opening and closing and more convenient access to the engine to address any maintenance needs.