The Toro Power Clear single-stage snowblower for professional contractors is designed to take the work out of commercial snow clearing.

The Power Propel drive system on this model virtually eliminates the need for operators to push or lift the machine during operation. And, the Power Clear’s unique pivoting scraper keeps the Power Curve rotor in constant contact with the pavement. This feature pulls the snowblower forward and efficiently clears snow down to the pavement, throwing it up to 35 ft.

“Adding a Toro single-stage snowblower to any professional contractor’s equipment fleet can save time and make them more money during the winter months,” explains Christine Cheng, marketing manager at The Toro Company. “Toro’s innovative features make the time-saving difference. The Toro Power Clear model is powerful enough to get commercial snow-removal jobs done fast and efficiently.”

Weighing only 84 lbs., this lightweight snowblower can be thrown in the back of a truck and used on multiple jobsites throughout the day. The Power Clear snowblower features Toro’s premium 212cc Overhead Valve (OHV) 4-cycle engine, so there’s no need to mix oil and gas. This special, cold-weather engine has been designed for maximum durability and performance over the life of the snowblower. This model offers the capacity to move up to 1900 lbs. of snow per minute.

With the ability to cut one pass in over a foot of snow, the Power Clear snowblower can clear a path up to a width of 21 in. with extended life paddles. Extended life paddles are designed to last more than twice as long as standard paddles for less downtime. This snowblower also is equipped with a reflective ergonomic handle for less operator fatigue, more control and increased visibility during operation. The handle attaches to the snowblower with four bolts for maximum rigidity.

Operators can change the chute direction, up to 210 degrees of rotation, without slowing down by simply squeezing the trigger and sliding the handle-mounted grip to throw snow exactly where they want it. The Zip Deflector throws snow high, low, or in between. In less than a second, it locks to any angle with ease and stays put.

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