Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power announced a new line of Vanguard 810cc engines at GIE+EXPO in Louisville for commercial zero-turn mowers that is specifically tailored to thrive in the extreme conditions landscape contractors face every day.

The new 810cc Vanguard engines, available in 24 or 26 gross horsepower models, are designed to maximize productivity by delivering the optimum power, performance and efficiency commercial zero-turn mowers need.

“Briggs & Stratton is known for helping people cut grass — it’s in our DNA,” said Dan Roche, marketing manager with Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power. “We have collaborated with and gained support from the entire organization on this new platform and have logged tens of thousands of hours testing to ensure we perfected the design, materials and assembly process. Landscape contractors can have total confidence knowing these engines are ready to continue the Vanguard brand’s legacy of durability and performance.”

The new models have 810cc of displacement for higher torque to take on the heavy workloads common in commercial settings. This meets a growing landscape industry demand for higher displacement engines and hence, higher-productivity mowers, according to Roche.

In addition to power, other features were designed for the rigors of the commercial cutting work environment. The engine’s new debris chopper fan offers excellent debris management while providing up to 30-degree cooler engine temperatures to guarantee the mower performs even when conditions get tough. Debris access panels allow for quick and easy maintenance. The high-flow blower housing offers more than 30 percent larger intake surface area than the next closest competitor.

Highlighting Vanguard’s commitment to producing the most reliable and durable commercial turf engines on the market, the 810cc engines will be produced at the all-new Vanguard Certified Production Center located in Briggs & Stratton’s Auburn, Ala., plant. There, the engines will be assembled exclusively by certified Briggs & Stratton Master Service Technicians (MSTs).

Unlike most other engines, the Vanguard 810cc engines will be almost exclusively assembled using Direct Current (DC) electric hand tools in lieu of more-common air tools. This technology allows technicians to program the fastening process, which results in superior quality control. This process also produces a detailed record of torque sequences and values and generate a “torque DNA” for each engine.

“To be qualified for the Vanguard brand and carry its global 3-year commercial warranty, an engine has to pass a battery of specific tests for durability and reliability even the most extreme conditions,” Roche said. “From design, to testing, to production, we couldn’t be more confident that the new 810cc engines are ready to take commercial turf contractors to a new level of performance and productivity.”

All Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power engines are backed by a network of thousands of Authorized Commercial Service Centers worldwide. For more information on engines in the Vanguard commercial engine line from Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power, visit