Designed to let homeowners monitor their standby generator from the comfort of their home or on the go, Briggs & Stratton introduces infohub wireless monitoring.

Infohub wireless monitoring keeps homeowners up to date regarding their generator’s current status. Homeowners can use any web-enabled device — including an iPhone, Android phone or iPad — to check if their home generator system is ready to restore power if an outage occurs.  From the infohub website and mobile app, customers can determine whether their generator is running and if their generator requires maintenance. Customers can track generator performance and learn more details on their generator system through the infohub website.

“Infohub wireless monitoring creates true peace of mind for homeowners who may be under the threat of a power outage,” said Amanda Grandy, marketing manager for Briggs & Stratton. “With infohub, homeowners can receive text and email alerts when their generator needs repair or maintenance so it’s always ready for operation when utility power goes down. The infohub mobile app feature is more convenient for on-the-go homeowners than the web solutions offered by many competitive monitoring solutions.”

Infohub operates on a smart cellular-based system that provides broad coverage, easy set-up and a reliable connection, so that the generator and wireless monitor are always in sync. The system allows homeowners to:

  • Monitor their standby generator’s current status and track its use to remain aware of any maintenance needs before a home’s next power outage
  • Customize their notification settings to receive either email, text message or mobile app alerts about the generator’s performance
  • Send maintenance notifications directly to their local dealer to quickly address maintenance issues and review repair options

Infohub wireless monitoring is compatible with most Briggs & Stratton standby generators as of 2005 and all GE Generator Systems standby generators.  It is available through the expansive Briggs & Stratton and GE Generator Systems dealer network. To learn more or where to purchase, please visit or