Hillside Tractors of Australia is introducing its “Agilator 4in1” bucket attachment to the U.S. The Agilator offers a more versatile, maneuverable and powerful solution for property maintenance. The Agilator is already in use across Australia and Europe by rural lifestylers, large property owners, property developers, landscaping contractors and others.

The Agilator bucket is a commercial grade attachment, mounted on a 3-point hitch (category 1 / 2)  — and features a patented tilt mechanism.  Its unique design utilizes the lower link pins as the pivot point for the “crowd and dump” function. This makes the Agilator powerful, stable and agile

Agilator Works Harder

The Agilator’s hydraulic angling allows an operator to easily cut into a hillside, shape property, remove brush, pick up rocks, dirt and debris and many other tasks. The hydraulics give pressure equalization as the bucket closes, delivering a clean pick-up of debris and material. The operator’s visibility to the bucket is unparalleled.  It takes just a matter of seconds to attach the Agilator bucket. Once attached many other implements can be grabbed by the Agilator making it a quick change tool carrier so the operator can change attachments without even leaving the seat.

“Any tractor with Cat, 2 quick hitch 3-point and enough hydraulic functions can operate the Agilator, but it is ideally suited to a hillside tractor, with reversible console, down pressure on the 3-point and a few extra hydraulic functions,” says Mark Broderick,  (Managing Director), Hillside Tractors. “In combination with the right tractor, such as our Agromehanika AGT Tractor, it becomes an amazing machine, capable of tasks that no other machine can do.”

Agromehanika AGT Tractors are stable, compact, hillside tractors made in Europe. The AGT tractor with its central oscillating chassis keeps four wheels evenly on the ground, thanks to its massive 15 degrees of oscillation. AGT Tractors feature radial traction tires and a relatively high ground clearance.

“Many people assume a machine with tracks gives them the best hillside stability and this couldn’t be further from the truth. When working on slopes with any uneven terrain, the tracked machine will end up with a large proportion of track in the air or not carrying any weight,” says Broderick.


Dealer Network Forming Now

The company is now seeking dealers and distributors for the AGT Tractor and the Agilator bucket. For more information, contact Mark Broderick by email, mark@hillsidetractors.com or by phone +61 418 664 660.