WENDELL, N.C. — KIOTI Tractor has announced the first purchase of the new EPA-certified Tier 4 tractors in North America. After introducing the new tractors at the 2013 Annual Dealer meeting in October, KIOTI dealers quickly placed orders for the NX Series, the  new RX tractor models and the CK2510 tractor. Charles Turk purchased the first Tier 4 tractor, the RX7320 Manual with ROPS, at Dickson Tractor in Westminster, S.C., in October 2013.

“I needed a tractor that could assist with my day-to-day farming needs. When I began my search, I initially considered KIOTI based on the positive feedback I heard over the years. With the launch of the RX tractor models I was able to purchase the higher horsepower that I needed for my daily chores,” said Turk. “KIOTI exceeded my expectations and the cost and quality outshines the competition.”

 “Customers were unsure about Tier 4 EPA regulations. KIOTI Tractor has been able silence many of those concerns by providing an excellent product that customers are satisfied with,” said Randy Dickson, owner of Dickson Tractor. “With the new model additions and the variety of options for each, we believe that the KIOTI Tier 4 tractors will continue to sell well. We have already seen customers who have made the switch to Tier 4 models and were shocked by the power and performance of the KIOTI tractors.” 

The new Tier 4 tractor models have been fully certified to meet the EPA’s Tier 4 compliance standards. Other compliant KIOTI Tractor models have been purchased across the country and dealers are eager to express their satisfaction with the new models. James Little, president of Little Tractor in Metropolis, Ill., is anxious to add the bigger RX tractor models to his dealership, an offering his customers had long-desired. He looks forward to continuing his relationship with KIOTI Tractor, praising KIOTI as “one of the best companies he’s ever dealt with.” 

Allen Hoover, general manager of Hoover Tractor in Mifflinburg, Pa., is also thrilled with the new product lines. His favorite product of the new Tier 4 models is the NX Series, which he boasts as “an excellent product that includes small touches to create an exceptional operating unit.” As the tractor industry continues to adjust to the change to Tier 4 equipment, he is proud to be aligned with a company that makes him feel like a partner in the business. “KIOTI wants to help dealers to grow and succeed,” Hoover stated.

“KIOTI Tractor is proud to offer Tier 4 compliant tractors to our dealers and customers throughout North America,” states Peter Dong Kyun Kim, Chief Executive Officer of Daedong-USA, Inc. “Our Company is dedicated to being a source of innovation as new technology is discovered and implemented in the tractor industry.” 

Each of the new tractors is equipped with a Daedong Tier 4 Eco Diesel engine. Each engine endured prolonged exposure to extreme heat and elevation conditions under testing while still maintaining performance and reliability.