Tracing its roots back to 1839, Brinly-Hardy Company has cultivated a rich history of developing lawn and garden products that are highly innovative and extremely durable. The year 2014 marks its historic 175th year of operations.

As far back as the early 1800s, blacksmith “Little John” Brinly built hand-made plows when he wasn’t shoeing horses, mules and oxen. In 1837 Brinly’s son, Thomas E. C. Brinly, pioneered a new design: one-piece steel plow created using a modified saw blade. This new design, with its smooth-scouring steel moldboard, answered the needs of farmers working with the heavy, sticky southern soils. The excellence of these plows soon made them famous among farmers in Kentucky and throughout the South.

Demand for the plows grew quickly. Morris Belknap of W. B. Belknap & Co. convinced Brinly to relocate from Simpsonville to Louisville in order to increase his manufacturing and distribution capacities. In 1859, Brinly forged a partnership with James E. Hardy and moved the booming business to downtown Louisville.

Since then, five generations of Hardy family ownership have upheld the ideals of innovative product design and expert craftsmanship. Today, Brinly-Hardy Co. manufactures over 100 different products under 5 different brand names. Each is designed in-house with customers’ specific needs in mind, proven through extensive testing, and built with 175 years of American pride and manufacturing expertise.

In celebration of their 175th years of support, the company will unveil a limited edition poly cart, affectionately dubbed the 175 LTD. Only 500 will be made, and each will come with a numbered certificate of authenticity, nylon anniversary cover, and a unique American-made Brinly-Hardy Co. baseball cap.

The cart will only be available for purchase online. Customers can own an exclusive piece of Brinly-Hardy Co. history by visiting to order.