JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. — Brinly-Hardy Co., 175-year-old manufacturer of lawn and garden equipment, announced the release of its new 48-inch front-mount dethatcher for zero-turn radius (ZTR) mowers today. A manufacturer of tow-behind lawn and garden tractor attachments since the early 1960s, the new release marks the company’s entry into ZTR-optimized lawn care attachments. 

Zero-turn radius mowers have experienced rapid growth in recent years, enabling users to maintain their lawns more quickly than ever before.

The new Brinly dethatcher leverages the speed and maneuverability of ZTR mowers by being mounted on the front of the machine as opposed to trailing behind, which gives users greater control over the attachment.

By moving the dethatcher to the front of the unit, users can now extract thatch and either mulch or collect it in a single pass, eliminating the wasted time of additional passes needed with tow-behind units.

Featuring a patent-pending single bolt design, the attachment clamps onto a wide range of mower makes and models in less than a minute. Director of Marketing Jennifer Thompson commented, “We’re excited to be able to extend our long heritage of innovation with the release of the DTZ-48BH, giving consumers and landscape contractors alike a viable solution for dethatching using the mowers they already own. We’re proud to say that we’ve incorporated the durability that the Brinly brand has been built upon into a cutting edge product that embodies the future of the lawn mower attachment category.”

The product is available on for $339. For more information, visit