Little Wonder, a manufacturer of debris management equipment, has introduced the C5, an all-new wheeled blower designed for the DIY user that brings power and performance to the residential leaf blower market.

The Little Wonder C5 weighs in at 102 lbs.

With more than 1,100 cfm of air movement, the C5 makes cleaning up yards, flower beds, driveways and patio areas lightning-quick.

The Little Wonder C5 blower features the patent-pending Aim Rite nozzle that can be easily adjusted to blow air in any desired direction: downward to dislodge heavy, wet leaves, horizontal for wider coverage, and forward to clean areas close to walls and curbs.

Powered by a professional 170cc Subaru engine and a large 16” fan, the C5 produces more air and covers more ground than backpack blowers, and without the back strain. Large, flat-free front and back wheels provide exceptional stability over rolling terrain and slopes. A thickly padded and height adjustable handle provides operators of any height a comfortable grip. When the work is done, the handle folds entirely forward for compact storage until next time.