Land Pride’s SRT comes with a host of features and is available in 62 and 76 inch widths, plus the SRT can be offset 6 inches to the right for tilling next to fences, building, or sidewalks. It features a bi-direction rotor with a swing diameter of 18.3 inches and spins up to 245 RPM, depending on the motor. The C-shaped tilling tines are manufactured from forged and hardened steel and feature bi-directional cutting edges; there are 4 per flange. Standard ¾-inch steel ripper-shanks assist in breaking virgin ground – 5 shanks on the 62 inch and 6 shanks on the 76 inch. Ripper shanks are held in place by a beefy 3/8-inch formed channel.

Land Pride’s unique, patent-pending Depth Gauge Indicator takes the guess-work out of tilling. Traditional Skid Tillers play a guessing game about tilling depth but Land Pride’s Depth Gauge Indicator provides the operator with a clear, visible indication of depth – 2, 4 or full 5.6 inch depth. Skid shoes are standard. Two motor options add to the versatility on the SRT62. Land Pride offers low-, or high-flow motors to fit a wide range of skid steers from 14 to 40 GPM. The SRT76 is available only in a high-flow, 23 to 40 GPM model.

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