J D Equipment announces that it is now offering customers the option of converting residential and/or commercial mowers to propane power.

Propane power is a proven alternative to gasoline engines and helps users reduce their carbon footprint.

J D Equipment is an authorized sales and service dealership for Metro Lawn, a leader in the propane conversion industry. Metro Lawn is partnering with industry leaders like J D Equipment to educate, train and promote the use of propane as an alternative fuel for residential and commercial mowing equipment. Conversion kits are EPA approved and CARB (California Air Research Board) certified.

Go "Green"

Propane's benefits:

  • Reduces hydrocarbon emissions by 70%
  • Less expensive than gasoline or diesel fuels
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Clean burning fuel

“J D Equipment is committed serving our customers for the future and as part of this commitment, we are offering customers a range of options for their mowing needs,” says Jeff Mitchell, CEO of J D Equipment. J D Equipment has the technical staff to install and service converted mowers.

About J D Equipment

J D Equipment is a family-owned business, founded in Plain City, Ohio in 1982. The company sells and services new and used John Deere agriculture, lawn and garden, and light construction equipment, along with more than 100 other brands of equipment and parts as well. Over the past 32 years, J D has grown to become Ohio’s largest John Deere dealer, with 8 locations and more than 300 employees in Central Ohio. They pride themselves on their excellent customer service, wide range of products and customer support.