Today, the 150,000th Maschio power harrow rolls off the production line, an important achievement for a product type well-known all over the world and recognized for features such as excellent tillage, reliability and a long-lifetime. 

Maschio started the production of power harrows 10 years after its foundation, with the first model, called “T” in 1974, followed by Diamante in 1984, followed by many other models. 

The first folding power harrow: Aquila has been produced in 1990, available in 4 (about 13 feet) and 5 meters (about 16 feet) versions. The Aquila is still one of the best sellers in the range.

In 1999, the company registered the “Rapido” system, a revolutionary patent for an quick and easy tines replacement, which allows to drastically reduce the machine maintenance and down time.

The Maschio philosophy is based on continuous improvement and research of better solutions to satisfy the customers’ needs: for this reason the models range is extremely wide offering several solutions for different applications.

Offering compact models, like Pony and Delfino, and going up to the biggest power harrow in the market, the 8 meter (about 26 feet) Jumbo and more ambitious solution such as Tarzan, the first power harrow equipped with a bed former for horticulture. The Toro, a rugged compact and folding model, thanks to its unique barrel type bearings, is suitable for high power tractors, intese tillage and the worst soil conditions.

The range goes from less than 1 meter (about 3 feet) and up to 8 meters (about 26 feet); from 15 horsepower up to 450 horsepower with more than 20 models available.