PADOVA, Italy, — Maschio Gaspardo Group, an Italian manufacturing leader in production of agricultural equipment for tillage, seeding, crop protection and landscaping, announces the acquisition of Feraboli Spa remaining 40% shares and now holds the entire 100%.

Maschio Gaspardo bought the initial 60% of Feraboli shares in January 2014. Feraboli manufactures hay equipment. The company purchased the shares to complete its own product portfolio and offer a full line to dealers and distributors worldwide.

During 2014, Maschio Gaspardo Group heavily invested in the Feraboli plant for modernization, production processes reorganization and spare parts logistic management to reduce lead time and improve efficiencies.

A completely new production layout has been set, based on three dedicated lines for fixed and variable chamber balers. The investments covered a new spare parts warehouse, a new shipping area and renoveted painting system to enhance the product’s quality. The IT system SAP was also implemented in the plant.

Such a massive reorganization process took the Group's Lean production project a step further. The project was started in 2014 and includes all Maschio Italian facilities.

The renoveted Feraboli’s plant is aimed to become a worldwide excellence for the production of hay making tools.

The full acquistion of Feraboli Spa shares highlights the Maschio family's wish to keep leading the Group and investing in those strategic territories where Feraboli is rooted.

“The acquisition of 100% Feraboli Spa shares confirms the Maschio Group's commitment to keep investing and growing in Cremona," says President Egidio Maschio.

"I want to thank all Feraboli’s employees for the demonstrated commitment in such a phase of the company’s transformation; I'm sure it will represent the first important step to win the future challenges. Furthermore. I want to thank the Feraboli family, especially Mr. Francesco Feraboli, whom I wish a new and successful professional adventure," Maschio says.