Editor's Note: Rural Lifestyle Dealer featured Granz Power Equipment in a story about how to sell blowers year round. 

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SALEM, N.H. — If you'd like to buy what's out on the showroom floor at Granz Turf Depot in Salem, you're out of luck. Everything has already been sold.

Almost as fast as they can be assembled, snow blowers are being wheeled out the door, purchased by New Englanders who've had their fill of winter.

“I got tired of shoveling 400 feet of driveway,” said Steven Lehmann of Weare.

“I’m willing to spend $1,300,” said Anthony Campello of East Kingston.

In the last 22 days, Granz has sold nearly 1,500 snow blowers. That’s almost 70 machines a day.

One large seacoast business dropped $26,000 for 8 top-of-the-line models. Some customers are coming in from as far away as Cape Cod.

Everyone is suffering from varying degrees of snow fatigue.

“They’re cold. They’re sore. They’re sick of it. What was an expensive, out-of-reach purchase is something that’s a little more doable,” said Steve Hebert of Granz Turf Depot.

Employees from the warehouse to the front counter have collectively put in hundreds of extra hours of overtime dealing with what is an unprecedented event. Trucks on their way from Calgary will bring in another 200 to 300 snow blowers, and that will probably be it.

“That will be good. We need a break. We’re hoping it does warm up and get on to spring,” said Bruce Yennaco of Granz Turf Depot.