NEW HOLLAND, Pa. — New Holland’s Boomer compact tractors series has been upgraded with the launch of the new Tier 4B-compliant Boomer 54D, which was awarded the title of “Machine of the Year 2015” in the compact and specialized category at the SIMA 2015 show in Paris. The new model runs a Common Rail FPT Industrial engine and delivers a superior driving experience with the SuperSuite cab and EasyDrive continuously variable transmission. New Holland Boomer 54D

The new Boomer 54D was awarded the coveted title by a jury panel of 19 leading farm machinery journalists. The machine was rewarded for its technical innovation and the benefits it brings to customers, with selection criteria focusing on innovative features, performance, productivity, cost of operation, ease of use and operator comfort.

“This award recognizes the considerable benefits that the Boomer 54D tractor brings to our customers,” said Todd DeBock, Pro Work Tools Marketing Segment Leader. “It is the ultimate power tool, the perfect combination of superior operator comfort and optimal performance. This is achieved with the EasyDrive continuously variable transmission, the Tier 4B-compliant engine and a host of features that enable the operator to get the job done with great efficiency and comfort.”

Clean, Low Emissions Tier 4B Engine Technology

The new Boomer 54D is powered by a new 2.2 liter, 3 cylinder turbocharged Common Rail engine to optimize performance and fuel consumption with New Holland’s unique Particulate Matter Catalyst (PM-Catalyst) technology for Tier 4B compliance. This solution is maintenance-free, does not require DEF fluid or any other operator input. Developed by New Holland’s sister company, FPT Industrial, this engine produces 53 horsepower and maximum torque of 133 ft./lbs.

EasyDrive Continuously Variable Transmission

The Boomer 54D features New Holland’s EasyDrive continuously variable transmission (CVT). It is the only tractor in this segment with this type of transmission, which brings big-tractor ease of operation to the compact Boomer range.

The CVT enables infinite speed adjustments up to 18.6 mph. This allows operators to precisely adjust their speed to the task at hand while enhancing operator comfort. Braking is smooth and steady, and automotive-style cruise control enables operators to maintain, fine tune or resume working speeds. In addition, an advanced reactivity setting means they can adjust acceleration and deceleration to suit their individual driving style or application. The EasyDrive transmission is very easy to operate with the left-hand dedicated reverse/forward shuttle and drive-like-a-car features such as the single “Go” pedal.

 SuperSuite Cab and Interior Upgrades

The Boomer 54D features a host of standard features that improve operator comfort, visibility and functionality. The SuperSuite cab offers the largest interior space in the industry for comfortable operation, while the wide entry threshold provides easy access. The low profile enables the Boomer 54D to drive under an 8-foot opening with ease. Visibility is excellent both forward and to the rear. The high-visibility panel located in the roof allows the operator to see the loader through its full range of motion. The hood design makes it easy to see front-mounted attachments and the unobstructed rear view to the drawbar makes attaching rear implements easier than ever.

Like all Boomer models, the Boomer 54D has electro hydraulically engaged rear and optional mid PTOs. A full range of front- and rear-mounted implements and mid-mount mowers are available to make short work of any task. This, together with the other features, makes the New Holland Boomer 54D the ideal compact tractor for small landowners, municipalities, and businesses providing ground maintenance for residential and commercial customers. It is very well-suited to tasks such as installation and maintenance of turf, landscaping and hardscaping. Dairy, livestock, or cash crop farmers will find it very useful to carry out tasks around the farm yard, as well as pasture and building maintenance, and a variety of non-field jobs such as mowing or material handling