Turkey’s first tractor manufacturer, Erkunt Tractor Industry Inc., continues to expand its sales and service network internationally under the brand name ArmaTrac.

Established in 2003, Erkunt is a major supplier of agricultural tractors in Turkey.

Erkunt Tractor is also the first and only tractor brand that has been certified by officials in the Turkish government, agricultural university professors and the notary public for its low fuel consumption.

The exceptional performance, durability and the advantage offered by the low fuel consumption characteristic of its tractors has made Erkunt a household name in the agricultural sector. It is now ranked third in the domestic market within 5 years after commencing production in 2004. The company offers a wide range of models (almost 40 models) from 50 hp to 85 hp.

As of today, the company exports its tractors to 22 countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa and even the Caribbean Islands and targets to export 500 tractors in 2010 under the brand name ArmaTrac.

ArmaTrac was first introduced to farmers in Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary. New Balkan states Serbia, Croatia and Greece followed. After extensive field tests, which took almost 9 months, Sudan became a significant starting point for the introduction of ArmaTrac in the African continent.

In 2009, while continuing its efforts for expansion, Erkunt Tractor seized the opportunity to introduce its tractors in Iraq by delivering ArmaTrac to the farmers as part of a grant provided by the United States Army to show support for the agricultural activities in a war torn country.

Today, Iraq has become a major market for ArmaTrac, thanks to tbeing chosen by the United States Army.

Despite an economic slowdown in Turkey as a result of the global financial crisis, Erkunt Tractor continued to invest in 2009, reaching a production capacity of up to 13,000 tractors annually and introducing new models for both the domestic and the export market.

As a result, sales have more than doubled in 2010.

Recognized as the fastest growing company in Turkey since its inception, Erkunt Tractor, with its young and dynamic staff, continues to expand and spread its name around the world by producing high quality, efficient products.

57-Year Effort: Erkunt
The story of Erkunt Tractor begins with the establishment of a casting atelier in Ankara in 1953. Now known as Erkunt Industry Casting and Machining, the company has grown consistently over the years.

Today, combined with its casting, machining and assembly divisions, practicing cutting edge technology and exporting 85% of its production to European Union countries, it has managed to become one of the most important suppliers for major companies with its 2000 employees and its facilities located on an area covering 64.000 sq.m.

Erkunt Industry, supplying parts for all the tractor companies in Turkey as well as other major tractor companies around the world for so many years, in 2002, decided to invest in its own tractor, taking advantage of the experience accumulated over the years as a manufacturer and supplier.

Erkunt Tractor was established in 2003 with 100% domestic capital and within one year, managed to manufacture the first true domestic tractor designed by Turkish engineers.

For more information, go to www.armatrac.com