FRANKLIN, Tenn., — Iron Solutions announces the launch of 2-way integration between Basic Software Dealer Management System, and its own Iron HQ Web-based quote and account management system.

Now dealers using Basic Software Systems can benefit from a sync of customer and inventory data back and forth from Basic Software and the Iron HQ system. This new integration will help these dealers to be even more productive by eliminating the need to enter data into two systems.

“We’re always developing new ways to make our customers more effective and profitable. We believe that with this integration between Basic Software and Iron HQ, we’re taking another significant step toward assisting our customers in the market” said Mark Rusch, director of sales and marketing at Iron Solutions.

Iron HQ integrates customer relationship management, marketing, lead management, inventory management, whole goods quoting, appraisal and sales order management. The service is a customer engagement system for dealers who want to:

  • Connect teams and locations with key customer and equipment data
  • Control margins on quoted equipment and trade-ins
  • Profit from and manage customer profile data to generate leads and create more sales
  • Forecast sales more accuratelyand manage your plans with real-time information in dashboards

About Basic Software Systems

In 1979, Basic Software Systems had a vision to enhance the technology available for dealers across the country and to provide an integrated solution for them. The outdoor power, agriculture, and construction industries have expanded its growth over the past several decades. The resources that Basic Software Systems has readily available has allowed dealers to grow in size, increase their productivity, and add efficiency within their business, as they rely on Basic Software Systems’ products to manage their dealerships with a hands-on perspective. The tools that Basic Software Systems provide dealers are equally supported by devoted teams within their company. With over 36 years of dealership experience, Basic Software Systems understands your industry, your business, and the challenges you face every day.

About Iron Solutions

Iron Solutions provides market intelligence and a suite of integrated, cloud-based enterprise services that drive efficiency to increase returns on investment for agricultural retailers, growers and agronomic advisors. Iron Solutions is a leading supplier of agricultural and construction equipment valuation and financial risk management information through half a century of providing this information via its Iron Guides and services.