Consumer Reports outdoor power equipment columnist Ed Perratore takes a look at robotic lawn mowers and weighs in on how they compare with a lawn service.

His bottom line: “Although lawn service prices vary by region and the size of the company, it’s a safe bet that in two seasons, you’ll have paid more than the cost of a robotic even if all you’re paying for is mowing.”

He does share details on what they think is the best robotic mower on the market — the Worx Landroid WG794. Their tests found it offered the best cut and was easiest to set up in terms of defining the perimeter.

Check out more of his opinions on the technology. And take a minute to refresh on the magazine’s rankings for lawn tractors, push mowers and self-propelled mowers. Many parts of the country have weeks left to mow, especially if temperatures stay warm and rains are steady. After fighting all summer with a mower that keeps breaking down, your customers may be ready for a change if you’re ready to make them a deal.