HOUSTON  – Mahindra North America announced several new tractor models at its 2015 national dealer meeting in Kansas City, Mo. The eMax S line of tractors includes 4 updated models with an all-new steel hood and fenders, stronger body and a unique cab model. The 1526 tractors offer exceptional value in the below 26 horsepower category and the 2538 Tier IV line features a hydrostatic cab model that is unparalleled in its class. All Mahindra tractors come standard with a 5-year powertrain warranty supported by Mahindra, the number one selling tractor brand, by volume, in the world. Mahindra 1526 tractor

 “These new tractors enhance and expand our product line, offering industry-leading features and benefits at an unrivaled price point. Mahindra continues to produce tractors that are the smart choice for customers looking for power, price and ease of operation,” said Mac Payne, Director of Product and Dealer Development for Mahindra North America. “Mahindra is committed to developing products with the customer in mind, focusing on innovation, power, durability and ease of operation.”

eMax S Line

The eMax S line of tractors have been a popular option in the low horsepower tractor category. This group of under 25 horsepower tractors has a new look and more strength, built with a steel hood and fenders as well as a stronger frame, drive shaft and muffler. The eMax S models feature:

  • 35% more three point lift capacity
  • 9% more loader lift capacity and 5% more lift height
  • More built-in weight and larger tires for better traction and stability
  • Easy-to-add implements: backhoe, mower, snow blower, blade and broom
  • Factory installed cab on the eMax S 25
  • The 4 eMax S models are: Gear 22, Hydro 22, Hydro 25 and Hydro 25 Cab.

Mahindra 1526

The 1526 is available with either 8 x 8 shuttle (1526 S) or 3 range hydrostatic (1526 H) transmission and offers a wider and longer wheel base. The 1526 is built for comfort and ease-of-use with side controls, tilt steering, standard cruise on HST, right-hand step and a thick rubber floor mat. The 1526 models offer unrivaled performance and value in their class with:

  • The only shuttle transmission in class
  • 38% more three point lift capacity
  • 38% more loader lift capacity
  • More built-in weight for better traction and stability
  • Available with ag, industrial or turf tires
  • Easy-to-add implements: backhoe, mid-mower, snow blower, blade and broom

Mahindra 2538

The 2538 is available with hydrostatic transmission in either an open station or cab configuration. The 2538 with a factory-installed cab provides for an exceptional price for a cab model in the horsepower range. Both 2538 models are easy to operate and maintain featuring a wet sleeve engine as well as Mahindra’s unique Tier IV solution mCRD has no DPF filter and requires no additional driver involvement or training to operate, no high heat and no regeneration down-time. Features of the 2538 include:

  • 28% more three point lift capacity
  • More built-in weight for better traction and stability
  • Larger industrial tires and larger battery
  • Quick detach loader
  • Tilt steering wheel

For more information about these new Mahindra tractors, visit MahindraUSA.com