SOUTHAMPTON, Pa. — Classen, manufacurers of commercial and residential turf care equipment, launches its Classen PRO SA30 Stand-Aer. The new Stand-Aer is part of Classen’s new PRO product line for professional landscapers and rental centers. It ensures high productivity for a variety of landscaping applications — from residential properties to golf courses — because of its high-quality components, speed and ergonomic controls.

“We listened to customer feedback and used it to design the most durable, long-lasting and productivestand-on aerator on the market,” said Bruno Quanquin, Classen vice president of sales and marketing. “Our design significantly reduces the maintenance hassles common with competitive equipment and provides a comfortable solution that is easy to operate, contributing to a fast ROI.”

Classen designed the unit to protect wear parts and significantly minimize downtime. A cover for the chains decreases dirt and debris buildup, and Classen’s unique automatic chain tensioner reduces the likelihood of chain slippage and popping. Together, the components virtually eliminate the hassle of chain maintenance, a common problem in the industry. The unit also features Classen’s Hydra-Cool system, which feeds a circuit of coolant to the unit’s transaxles to prevent the drive system from overheating.

The Stand-Aer also offers maximum efficiency because of its speed, maneuverability and large fuel capacity. A powerful 15-horsepower Kawasaki engine provides increased efficiency for a variety of jobs with transport speeds as fast as 7.4 miles per hour. Its true zero-turn maneuverability allows contractors to work close to shrubs and trees. The unit also offers a generous 5-gallon fuel tank. 

The Stand-Aer also features a core depth stop that sets the maximum depth for the tines. Competitive models rely solely on tine pressure, which can fluctuate during operation. This leaves an inconsistent tine pattern in the lawn and impacts aeration quality. On Classen’s Stand-Aer, operators can use the manufacturer’s simple pin setting system to select a depth between 2-5 inches.

Operators can also complete aeration jobs quickly because of the Stand-Aer’s minimal machine vibration and ergonomic controls. The operator platform features vibration absorbers, and operators can conveniently reach the controls at hand level. Operators can also flip up and lock the platform in place to convert the unit into a walk-behind aerator for working on a slope.

Because of its high tine density, the unit produces 10% more holes per square foot than competitive models, resulting in a healthier lawn. Additionally, the unit enhances efficiency in each pass with tines that raise and lower 27% faster than competitive units enhancing efficiency in each pass. 

When the work is done, key features make maintenance fast and easy. Remove the top panel by unscrewing a knob to access the chain for greasing. Integrated rear jack stands lift the unit 2 inches for easy tine maintenance and cleaning. Operators can easily remove the built-in pad at knee level for quick access to the unit’s battery, and the pad is soft enough for operators to kneel on while completing maintenance.

Operators can quickly lift and lock the platform in place, which shortens the unit’s 5-foot-9-1/2-inch length by 9 inches to decrease the amount of space needed on a trailer for storing or transporting from site to site. The heavy-duty unit weighs 1,235 pounds and it’s narrow enough to fit through tight spaces or residential gates that are less than 4 feet wide.

Classen backs its PRO SA30 Stand-Aer Aerator with a two-year commercial and rental warranty.

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